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What Has Rhadi Ferguson Been Up To?

Auto Date Friday, August 12th, 2011


Every once in a while I like to communicate with you all to tell
you how things are going and what’s happening in my life.

Well there are several new developments in my life that I can’t
wait to tell you about.


** Right now I’m in the process of writing my second scholarly
article of the year. It’s my goal to get three done this year along
with all the rest of the things that I have going on. As a PhD I
basically took a vow to govern myself as a scholar and constantly
add new information to the current body of knowledge and I am doing
this. I’m writing my second article on Mixed Martial Arts in order
to grow the field of study.


** I have accepted the responsibility and offer to be one of the
staff writers for PROMMANOW.
The blog is part of USAToday’s syndication of blogs for MMA. Some
of my posts have been featured by USA Today and have been featured
by 1000s of blogs across the blogosphere.

I was always a blogger but never thought it would turn into
becoming a professional sports writer.



** I am on a constant campaign to get as many people as possible to
sign up for and complete a 1/2 marathon. You can run it, walk it or
crawl it.

I don’t care. Just do it. I’ve walked 2 of them and have ran/walked
4. They are easy and something that you can get your friends,
family and community in on.

Just grab a 1/2 Marathon Walking Program, call a friend, get a
commitment and begin. Its that easy.


** I have recently re-opened my Judo Success Secrets Program and am
giving away 6 free, bona fide coaching videos to all persons who
sign up at


** After fighting in Mixed Martial Arts I’ve learned a great deal
not only about myself but as a coach. It was cool jumping back into
the “athlete seat” for a period of time. I really enjoyed it and
thought about what I could do in order to pass on what I learned to
other Mixed Martial Arts Fighters, coaches and enthusiasts.

So I created a webinar on MMA to help those individuals.
Its 100% free and chock full of great information.
Its called “The Truth About MMA”


I received a call from Master Lloyd Irvin a couple of days ago
about training Mike Easton once again.
I’ve had the opportunity to train Mike for his fights in the UWC
and for his fight when he won the title and had to fight for 5 – 5
minute rounds.

I was asked to train him again for his UFC Debut on October 1st in
the Verizon Center in Washington, DC.
Its going to absolutely fantastic. Mike is going to be in great
shape and I’m looking forward to him being victorious.

To see some of the work that I’m doing with Mike please go here:


Thanks for reading. And I hope and pray that you have a fantastic

Rhadi Ferguson, PhD, CSCS

P.S. Please do NOT forget as life pulls you in one hundred
different directions, to take some time for yourself and your

So what, I used the “F”-word, whatta you gonna do about it?

Auto Date Wednesday, August 10th, 2011


Okay, I sent out an email yesterday and
everybody got pissed at me. They got
pissed because I used the  ”F”-word

Yeah, I used the word “FAT”

–> <–

Okay, well maybe not everybody, but
a lot of people did.

And you know what I say to that?


If you got upset, at least you did something
today that got you excited and raised your
heart rate because it wasn’t exercise.

How DARE YOU, get upset with me
because of a conditioned that you created.

You are NOT sexy, you are a walking example
of hedonistic food consumption.

Get yourself under control OR I will do it
for you.

Here’s What Really
Happened From
This >>>

Here’s what actually happened from yesterday’s
email and blog post.

1. People DECIDED to make a change immediately.
I have 4 people that received yesterday’s piece
of written articulation commit to training and completing
a 1/2 marathon before December 31st.

2. There were also 7 people who committed to investing
in and completing my 30 day plan for reconstructing
your body that comes with my product Maximum
Dumbbell Training –>

3. I received 42 email in my email inbox in support
of my new kick-arse approach when it comes to
fitness. (Being nice didn’t make people move. Being
direct and forward did. So that’s what we are going to
do. I will be direct and forward.)

Here is MY Directive
for today

Stop being a wimp.

Stop being a loser.

Get online and invest the measly $17 and get
Maximum Dumbbell Training Today!

You can’t even buy a pair of shoes or go to the movies
for 17 bucks. It’s literally a drop in the bucket.

Make the investment, cut out the McD’s and Burger
King and let me whip your behind into shape!

It’s not time to play around its time to GET DOWN!

*** ***


For all of you that emailed me and have
invested in yourselves, in your life and in
your family, I say THANK YOU.

To all of you all who eat chips and dip and aren’t
doing what you are supposed to, I say, LET’S DO

Take care.

Dedicated to your Improvement,

Rhadi Ferguson, PhD, CSCS

P.S. A hard head makes a soft behind and some
of your behinds are super soft and saggy!
Don’t be hard-headed, follow my instructions
today –>

When Did Being Fat Become “Cool”?

Auto Date Tuesday, August 9th, 2011


Recently I went to speak to a group of high school
students and although I’m no sicko, I do have eyes
and I did notice that all of the bodies in the building
are much “softer” than they were when I was in high

I mean, it used to be VERY easy to tell the girls
that were cheerleaders and the ones that were on
the flag team in the band.

You used to be able to tell and discern who the
football players were versus the soccer players
and the members of the band from the football

Now…. EVERYBODY looks like they are in
a “sitting pudding” contest.

All the kids looked like pudding.

I mean, it was disheartening.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that
everybody should look like a greek god or
have abs like a batman costume but
goodness gracious, at the age of 16 to
26, you should be in the best shape of your
life, not look like you have been eating
dry oatmeal and chasing it with hot water.

Let’s get some goshdarn perspective!!!

Here’s what I propose:


Parents! Cut it out! Stop being
irresponsible and abusive.  It is your
JOB to feed your children the appropriate
foods, create an exercise schedule for them
and to enforce a healthy lifestyle.

Otherwise, you are killing them slowly.

Passing down a legacy or heart disease
and obesity is NOT cool. NOT at all.

Right now start your family off an a healthy
eating plan and exercise plan.

Everybody can get in the living room and
workout with me.

Set the laptop up and let’s workout together.
Or just download the videos to a dvd and
lets get it done.


There’s no time like the present.

SECOND UP: The Children

Hey, CUT IT OUT!!!!

Those of you who are old enough KNOW for
a fact when you are hungry and when you
are not.

down your mouth.

Get up. Move around. Exercise. Do the things
that you don’t want to do.

Get active.

Do something radical. THIS FALL JOIN YOUR
SCHOOL’S Cross Country team.

I don’t give a sh– if you like to run or not. That’s
not the freaking point!!

*** DO IT NOW ***

Tell the coach you are willing to suffer but you
want to be a part of the team. You know you
won’t be good right now and you will cry and
you will complain but let that coach know you
need their help in order to save your life!

**** DO IT NOW ****

I don’t like exercising either but it’s something that
must be done… kinda like eating.

And please workout with your parents.  Your parents
are getting ready to get my Maximum Dumbbell
Training program and you all are going to work out
as a family. And you MUST get involved and be
supportive of the new household changes.



Okay, this is REALLY harsh.

I mean realllllly harsh.

And its not right, but I am trying to give you
some REAL LIFE solutions to help you.

Do you hang out with drug abusers? No.

Do you hang out with alcoholics? Nope.

Do you chill with people who steal? Probably not.

You most likely hang out with people like you.

So listen up.

If  you find yourself hanging out with a bunch of
overweight people, its probably because you all
enable each other without knowing.

It’s kinda like how in shape people hang out together.

They do it because they workout similarly, they eat
similarly, they are in the same health clubs, classes
and have similar conversation.

I am NOT sitting around talking about the Cheesecakes
at ‘The Cheesecake Factory’.

When I travel, I’m trying to squeeze in time to workout
and the people that I travel with understand that and are
trying to do the same.  If I’m traveling with people who
do not workout then I can get sucked into their habits.

Bottom line is this.    Obesity is CONTAGIOUS.

You don’t have to believe me… just Google It!!!

If you find yourself hanging around very large people
and people who don’t eat right and you are looking
to make a change for the better…. well…. you are
going to have to change your peer group.

No different than if you wanted to increase your
salary, your education level or your net work.

Your network influences your net worth. And the
body of people that you hang around has an influence
on your body.

You have to let some people go. And if you have a
“large” group of friends, you may need to get you a
“smaller” group of friends because being thin is contagious
just like obesity.

I’m just saying…

Hey, I don’t make the rules, I just report them.

If you want to send me hate mail or your opinion,
that’s fine. Just do it after you get done exercising.



I’m tired of being nice to your fat @ss. I’ve tried that.

You are PISSING ME OFF!!!!

Making excuses. Stuffing your face. Constantly complaining
about your back and how your knees and ankles hurt.

Shut the ______ up and start exercising and stop eating
so d—- much!!!!

Seriously! Cut the f——– whining! I’m sick of it and everybody
else is too.

You have a car full of kids, you order 5 number two from
McDonalds. You supersize two of them for the adults and
then you order 5 hot fudge sundaes to wash it all down.

The bill is d@mn near 40 bucks and you don’t blink an eye.

Stop your fast food visits, get on my program, do it as a
family and create a legacy and tenor of health and wellness
inside of your home and in your life.


OF YOU.  I’m trying to be soft and it has made me soft.

As a matter of fact, I’m about to start doing some pushups
and situps right now.

And for those reading this… if you have a coke or pepsi next
to you, pour it in the garbage right now!!!!  >:-|

Take care and have a super fantastic day.

It’s all love. Truly.

Rhadi Ferguson, PhD, CSCS
2004 Olympian
4-Time National Judo Champion

P.S. Start today!

Who In The H3LL is THIS Person In My Mirror?

Auto Date Thursday, August 4th, 2011

2 weeks ago I looked the scale
and it read 241lbs!!!!!

2  4  1 !!!!!!!!

That is wayyyyy to much weight for
me. I’m supposed to be floating
around 215. That’s where I feel

That’s where I feel sexy.

And that’s where my wife likes
me to be.

I had gotten besides myself.
I was chillin’, eating hot wings
and fries, downing a couple of
burgers from Wendy’s and a frosty
here and there.

And……  I admit. I knocked back
a couple dozen hot glazed donuts
from Krispy Kreme.

I was having a ball!!!!!

But NOW I am not. Now it’s time
to pay the piper and I don’t mind
paying and if I had to give him all
of my money to get this extra meat
off, I would do it in a second.

But that’s not logical. I didn’t put
it on overnight and its not coming off
overnight, but what I am gonna do is
follow the SAME exact system that
allowed me and some of my clients
to drop anywhere from 12-23 pounds
in 30 days.

If you are interested in that program
just go here:


Its not only the exercises and the workout
but I’m also giving you the 30day program
that you can follow to get down and drop
the pounds.

Enjoy –>

Take care,

Rhadi Ferguson, PhD, CSCS
2004 Olympian

P.S. We put it on and together we can take it

P.P.S. Workout with me. It’s better if we
all do it together.


Dr. Rhadi Ferguson Wants To Know If You REALLY KNOW How To Win?

Auto Date Friday, July 8th, 2011

This message has been
brought to you by the
number one personal productivity
product on the internet today
Chump Repellent

Here’s What I Do

Each and every night… well, most nights,
let me not lie to you.

On most nights before going to bed, I look
myself in the mirror and ask, “Did we win
or did we lose today?

I’ve had a string of wins and string of losses.

But as of late, I’ve been winning.

Now here’s the second part to that.

After asking yourself that question, you
must honestly find out what causes you
to lose and what causes you to win.

Once you do this you can begin to manipulate
your life in such a fashion that you can win.

For example….

For those of you that know me, you know
that I have a serious love relationship
with Krispy Kreme donuts. I told my wife
that if a Krispy Kreme ever knocked on the
door and said, “Come with me” that it’ll
be tight on her. LOL


Okay, I’m back.

Now here’s the deal.

I have lost to the the Krispy Kremes on many
occasions. So I had to ask myself, why I’m losing
or why I lost.

Well, I found out that I had to DELIBERATELY travel
in a different route than I used to go so that I
WOULD NOT drive past a Krispy Kreme shop.

That was the product of me asking myself if I won
or lost in the evening.

I qualified what winning or losing was.

And then constructed a way to win and not lose.

And then implemented it.

But, first, as my man Dr. Phil says, “We can’t
change what we don’t acknowledge.”

Which means, first you must
understand “The Art of Winning.”


I want everybody to win. But everybody does not
understand how to win or how to achieve certain

Sooooooo, that is why I’m here.

If you NEED some help winning or learning the
art of winning OR know somebody who does, please
forward this video to them and take a look at it


Just follow the directions and let me help.


Video Here

After you finish watching that video go here
immediately –>

Take care and please have a great day,

Rhadi Ferguson, PhD, CSCS
2004 Olympian
4-Time National Judo Champion
BJJ Black Belt

(video inside) Dr. Rhadi Ferguson Is Coming To…….

Auto Date Tuesday, July 5th, 2011


I hope this message finds you in good health.

I also hope you had a great 4th of July weekend if you
reside in the United States.

I just wanted you to know that I’ll be on the road
in August. I am coming to the Washington, DC,
MD and VA area and I am looking forward to
teaching, coaching and training those of you
who are interested in learning more about fitness
and how it applies to the combative arts such as
MMA, wrestling, grappling, BJJ, Judo, etc.,.

I also want to let you know how you can train
like a fighter even if you are not one.

If you are interested please click here:

Hey, I don’t live in the DC
Area But I Would Like To Attend
A Seminar Too!

Well, if that is how you feel, my dear friend you are in luck!!!

Because here’s what I have for you.

I have a DYNAMIC Webinar that you may register for today
that is provided at No Charge called:

The Truth About Mixed Martial Arts.

If you are interested or think you may be interested in this
phree webinar, just go here and listen to this short
video presentation and go right ahead and register and
get your registration packet and all of your freebies:

Take care and have a great day.

I’m looking forward to *seeing* you soon, either way.


Dedicated to your Improvement,

Dr. Rhadi Ferguson, CSCS
2004 Olympian
4-Time National Judo Champion
BJJ Black Belt
Master Educator, Trainer & Coach

P.S. Please don’t forget to watch this video


P.P.S. And take a look at the facility where
we will hold the private seminar:

Where Is Rhadi Ferguson Gonna Be Next? And More on Judo Success Secrets

Auto Date Monday, July 4th, 2011


I hope you all are having a wonderful day and that
you have an amazing weekend as well.

I think that this week has been fantastic and as
you can tell from my email, blog posts, facebook
and twitter account, I am super excited about
the return of my judo product Judo Success Secrets.

As a matter of fact, this week alone I placed 2 videos
on youtube in preparation for the big release.

Number One

One Video was a preview on “The Anatomy of A Judo Match”

When you sign up at
you will be notified of the 100% phree Webinar that I am
going to hold entitled: “The Anatomy of A Judo Match”

Here’s Why You Need To
Go To
Right Now And provide your
name and email address


I’m giving that webinar/teleclinic “The Anatomy of A Judo Match”
in celebration of the re-release of Judo Success Secrets
and it is going to be BANANAS!!!! On THAT webinar you
will not only learn some really cool and enlightening
things about the sport of judo and how you can
improve as a player and a coach, but you will also
learn on that Webinar/Teleclinic how you too can
get Judo Success Secrets and it will only be released
to you if you are on that list.

Number Two

The next video that I put out was a video that
I put the video out and within 6 hours it had 207 views
on Youtube.

This was phenomenal. You MUST see this video on:

“Did The International Judo Federation Make A Marketing Mistake?”

You will love this video.

What Else Is New

Well, Dr. Rhadi Ferguson is coming to the DC, Maryland and Virginia
area to put on a a dynamic strength and conditioning seminar.

But here’s the catch. It will be 4 hours and for 10 people only.
If you are a fitness professional, you will be able to submit
the agenda for your continuing education units (CEUs).
The seminar will be on strength and conditioning and fitness
for Mixed Martial Arts and MMA Fitness Training (for those
that aren’t fighters but want to train like one).

I will let you know the details very soon. It will be in August.
and I am looking forward to it.


Please make sure you visit
and please make sure you follow me on Twitter >>
and facebook at

Take care.

Dedicated to Your Improvement,

Rhadi Ferguson, PhD, CSCS
2004 Olympian
4-Time National Judo Champion
BJJ Black Belt
Master Educator, Trainer, Teacher, & Coach

He said, “It was so good I couldn’t believe it was phree”

Auto Date Thursday, April 28th, 2011


As many of you ar aware, I had a DYNAMITE teleseminar last night. I was superb. The feedback from the call was ridicjlous.

People are till ranting and raving about the call and the f.r.e.e.b.i.e.s. I am giving away.

Just check out what this one coach said about the call last night:

“As always, Dr. Ferguson delivered!

This call was so valuable AND relevant that its really hard to believe it was all for free. I’ll tell you right know, listening to this call has already made me a better coach. It has provided me with powerful insight and tools that i will implement with my students regardless of wether they compete profesionally on mma or just train for fitness.

When looking to make decisions, specially life changing ones, you need to have references, information, data, stuff that’ll not only make that decision the best it can possibly be, but that’ll make you wiser and more knowledgeable in the process.

In this call Dr. Ferguson has certainly done that. Much blessings and thanks for doing this Dr. Ferguson!”

Nestor Ahumada,
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Carlson Gracie BJJ Team Guatemala

What’s happening Now?

1. Tonight we are doing it again. If you missed the No Charge Teleseminar last night sign up here:

And follow the instructions and be on the call-in line tonite at 8:50pm and make sure you are on the call.

Hint: some people tried to call in late and couldn’t get in. Don’t let this happen to you.


Take care and I’ll *see* you tonite. And even if you attended last night, it free…. so get in again!

Dedicated to your improvement,

Dr. Rhadi Ferguson

P.S. Come visit me at my home.

I would love to have you over for dinner.

[Video] You MUST Watch This

Auto Date Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

This video has been brought
to you by the number one
personal productivity product
in the world… Chump Repellent

Yesterday in the backyard, my son and I were doing
some speed, agility and quickness drills.

He’s only 5 years old, BUT I COACH HIM THE
same way I do my athletes.

NO SHORTCUTS, Perfect repetitions and
100% concentration and focus at ALL TIMES.

Rufus was having a Chump Moment for a second
and then he turned the corner and showed how
much of a champ that he is.

Sidenote: Pardon my enthusiasm in the video.
I saw flashes of myself and my pop.

Enjoy >>>

Dr. Rhadi Ferguson Speaks Candidly About His Strikeforce MMA Debut

Auto Date Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Hello. For those of you that do not know, on January 7th
I had my Strikeforce Debut on Showtime. I had a very
tough opponent and got a little bit banged up in the

I apologize for not communicating with you as much as
I would have like, but I had to put myself on a media and
internet fast. I had to really focus and shut down much
of my usual communication.

However, the good news is this. Today I will tell you
all about the fight and what led up to the event and what
is going on after it.

All you have to do is go here:

Or you can get the WHOLE STORY by going to my Facebook Fan Page

Take care and have a super fantastic day!

Rhadi Ferguson, PhD, CSCS
2004 Olympian
4-Time National Judo Champion
World Class Trainer, Educator and Coach

P.S. As we begin the New Year, the most important thing is for you to
protect your mind from all negative thoughts, cognitive iterations and
visions. Stay positive, be positive and place yourself around positive
people. The way in which you can start that today is by Repelling
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