Today is my wife’s birthday and…..

Auto Date Monday, April 8th, 2013
My birthday was on the 3rd of April. My son’s birthday is on the 5th of April. My wife’s birthday is on the 8th of April and today is her birthday.
This weekend was an active one.
The children, Rufus and Rhadi, competed in a judo tournament in South Florida around the Boca Raton area WHICH IS A 4.5 hour drive from Tampa!!!
So we have some lovely times in the car  LOL
There’s nothing like having to constantly roll the windows down because your kids are passing gas in their sleep.  I know, I know, too much information, but I gotta keep it real. Both you and I are no different than each other. Just because I’m the guy writing the emails doesn’t mean that my problems and struggles are any different.
Case in point, we are in the process of selling a home this week. IT IS a headache and a half. But what’s even worse is the vacuum cleaner hose that the house was putting on our finances. It was literally sucking the life out of us.
So yes…. my kids fart in the car. And yes, sometimes we have financial difficulties and struggles too.
And yes…. it looks like I play and have a great time on Instagram, Facebook, and  all my social media sites but LET ME TELLL YOU RIGHT NOW…… We… and when I say we, I mean, my wife and I WORK OUR BUTTS OFF!!!
And just so that you know how I’ve been working my butt off for you, I still want you to know that the birthday gift for you is still available and I’m NOT going to pull it away. This is for you –>
Birthday Celebration
I hope that my wife enjoys her day today. She is such a wonderful woman and she’s the backbone of our family and is an OUTSTANDING mother and a wonderful friend.
I love her, adore her and respect her.
She is my BEST FRIEND.
I would just like to tell everyone that, if you have someone in your life that you love, please STOP, close this email and call them and let them know.
Life is short….PRAY hard.
Take care.
Dedicated to your Improvement,
Rhadi Ferguson, PhD
P.S. I would like to tell you thank you for taking the time to read my emails, watch my videos and for the feedback that many of you have provided me over the years.

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