My Breasts Were Just Hanging Out!!!

Auto Date Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

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My Breast……
They were just
Hanging out……

So there I was in the kitchen and my son walks
in the kitchen and my breasts were just hanging

And he says, “What are those?”

I said, “Those what?”

He said, “Those things right there?” while pointing.

I said, “Those are daddy’s chicken breasts,
he’s gonna cook those for lunch?”

Here’s A Trick That I

I cook all my meal in advance for about 2 to 4 days
so that I can eat on schedule and so that my eating
program is not interrupted.

There’s nothing worse that getting hungry and making
a bad decision (i.e. Wendys, Burger King, McDonalds,
Chick-Fil-A, a candy bar, etc.,.) because you are hungry
and don’t have the food on hand.

I’ve done it before and it will absolutely annihilate your
diet program.

Now I know many of you have a goals of getting a 6 pack,
running a marathon and getting back in school and that’s

It all happens with great planning and by following
quality advice.

If you want some great advice on how to get that 6 PACK
THAT has been escaping you for years, just watch THIS VIDEO

Dedicated to your improvement,

Rhadi Ferguson, PhD
Fitness Expert

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