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He said, “It was so good I couldn’t believe it was phree”

Auto Date Thursday, April 28th, 2011


As many of you ar aware, I had a DYNAMITE teleseminar last night. I was superb. The feedback from the call was ridicjlous.

People are till ranting and raving about the call and the f.r.e.e.b.i.e.s. I am giving away.

Just check out what this one coach said about the call last night:

“As always, Dr. Ferguson delivered!

This call was so valuable AND relevant that its really hard to believe it was all for free. I’ll tell you right know, listening to this call has already made me a better coach. It has provided me with powerful insight and tools that i will implement with my students regardless of wether they compete profesionally on mma or just train for fitness.

When looking to make decisions, specially life changing ones, you need to have references, information, data, stuff that’ll not only make that decision the best it can possibly be, but that’ll make you wiser and more knowledgeable in the process.

In this call Dr. Ferguson has certainly done that. Much blessings and thanks for doing this Dr. Ferguson!”

Nestor Ahumada,
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Carlson Gracie BJJ Team Guatemala

What’s happening Now?

1. Tonight we are doing it again. If you missed the No Charge Teleseminar last night sign up here:

And follow the instructions and be on the call-in line tonite at 8:50pm and make sure you are on the call.

Hint: some people tried to call in late and couldn’t get in. Don’t let this happen to you.


Take care and I’ll *see* you tonite. And even if you attended last night, it free…. so get in again!

Dedicated to your improvement,

Dr. Rhadi Ferguson

P.S. Come visit me at my home.

I would love to have you over for dinner.

[Video] You MUST Watch This

Auto Date Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

This video has been brought
to you by the number one
personal productivity product
in the world… Chump Repellent

Yesterday in the backyard, my son and I were doing
some speed, agility and quickness drills.

He’s only 5 years old, BUT I COACH HIM THE
same way I do my athletes.

NO SHORTCUTS, Perfect repetitions and
100% concentration and focus at ALL TIMES.

Rufus was having a Chump Moment for a second
and then he turned the corner and showed how
much of a champ that he is.

Sidenote: Pardon my enthusiasm in the video.
I saw flashes of myself and my pop.

Enjoy >>>