Judo’s Biggest Secret Exposed

Auto Date Friday, June 11th, 2010

*DO NOT GO HERE: http://www.UndergroundGripFightingSecrets.com
Read below first

Listen up!

They are pissed!

The judo community is upset with me because I’m exposing the secret of
how the good beat the average.

Some people try to discredit the existence of “specialized knowledge” in judo.

Some people think they”know this stuff already”.

Some people think the gripping and gripfighting is jusr “negative judo”

And some people just, honestly, don’t know what in heck to think, but
they don’t like it just because its trying to be “sold” to them.

Here’s the real deal.

You can practice judo ALL of your life and if nobody EVER explains the
game of judo to you like Jimmy Pedro and I do in Underground
Gripfighting Secrets, the the truth of the matter is this…. You HAVE
little to no hope of becoming great.

Nobody, and I mean Nobody, EVER takes the time to explain, teach,
dissect, breakdown and illustrate the game of grippong like this.

If you want your judo game to “tip” you must learn how to GRIP!


Take care,

Rhadi Ferguson, Ph.D., CSCS

P.S. Please do not pass up on the chance for your gripping game to go
to the next level. If you do Judo, BJJ, Sambo or Kurash, YOU NEED this


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