How To Make Your Judo Game “Tip”

Auto Date Tuesday, June 8th, 2010


Often times the solution to a problem lies outside of the problem itself. Thus the expression, “thinking outside the box.”

When we were presented with problems in our youth, more often than not, the answer was within the problem or in plain view. Case in point, if were asked a question in science class, the answer was usually in the text somewhere.

As we got older, the answers were not as readily available and the solutions required skills which were categorized as “Critical Thinking “Skills.”

As we matured some of us became “critical thinkers”, others “abstract thinkers”, others out of the box thinkers were/are categorized as “rebels”, “renegades” and “crazy.”

The truth of the matter is this…. perspective is everything and until you can look at a “problem” differently than you do currently, you may never find the solution.

Let’s Use BP For
An Example

The company British Petroleum, also known as “BP” has a problem. There’s an issue which they don’t have an answer for.

And the “thinkers” who are in position and are having a problem coming up with a solution.


Is there no solution?

Of course there is. The problem is this…. THE RIGHT THINKER has yet to present himself (herself).

See, some people are ill-equipped to make radical changes and to make a huge impact on the lives of others.

Case In Point

Just recently, a good friend of mine, Lloyd Irvin became the first and only American to win a team category at the Brazilian Jiujitsu World Championships.

He has, arguably, the best childrens program in the World when is comes to Brazilian Jiujitsu and is a pioneer in the sport.

He took the old way of doing Brazilian Jiujitsu AND DID NOT ACCEPT IT!!!


From day one HE NEVER accepted the myth that getting a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu takes 8-10 years.  That isn’t written down anywhere, it’s not law, and he never subscribed to it.

He questioned the status quo.

He question it, destroyed it and then TRIED to share it.

While trying to share it, people talked S–T!!!!


Because that’s what people do.

He went on to Win the World Championships….. with his methods.

He went on to develop some of the best BJJ products…. with his methods.

He trained Olympians, World and National Champions…. with his methods…

and guess what?

He developed the best Juvenile Brazilian Jiujitsu Team in the World in 2010… with his methods.



A problem DOES

In some conversational circles people want to say, “There’s no such thing as a problem. Problem are only opportunities.”




A problem needs to be solved and reconciled.

An opportunity can be passed up or taken advantage of.

Now, if your SOLUTION becomes an Opportunity, then so be it.

Which  provides the logical statement.

All Problems have a solution. Solutions can be opportunities. But all problems do not equal opportunities.

Why is this important.

Well, it’s important because your definition of a thing and how you mentally reconcile it, is a huge determining factor of your success.

If you are caught in an armbar…. THAT, my friend is a problem. If you get out. Great. If you get out and can capitalize excellent, but first you need to address the problem.

As I said or hinted to before….. the answer to a problem may, indeed exists outside of the problem.

And more often it does.

How Did I Fix My Judo

Well, first I identified it as a “Problem”. Then as any engineering major would do…. I classified and identified the “Givens” in the Problem. And  then I made some intelligent assumptions.

After doing that I analyzed the current data available. Some similar solutions and how they were figured out and then I started brainstorming.  Just coming up with some radical, off-the-wall stuf. No idea or option was right or wrong. I just had to get it out. Write it down.

Then I began to observe. I went to different places, different schools and STUDIED DIFFERENT ARTS. Not just martial arts, but arts. Ballet, wrestling, tap dancing, FENCING, chi-na, sambo, Judo, Kurash, Sumo, football, weight lifting, etc.,

I located a couple of “central themes” and a located a “golden thread” that wove the arts together.

Oh yeah, one more thing…. I READ A LOT OF BRUCE LEE’S STUFF.  A LOT OF IT.

Then I actually understood, that the answers to my judo problems actually existed OUTSIDE of judo.

You can practice judo until you are “blue in the face”. That’s NOT going to make you a better judo player.

What will make you better is defining what you are and what you are trying to accomplish.


If you want to be A GOOD JUDO COMPETITOR….. welll

there’s one way to make your Judo game tip for sure!

How To Tip

In 2000, author Malcolm Gladwell penned a text entitled “Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make A Big Difference”

He explained how things can begin to ‘tip’ and spin out of control and grow exponentially. Well, that’s what my judo game did once I learned how to grip fight. And all of the things that go along with it, like the understanding of pace, tempo, etc.,.

When I learned how to grip, my Judo game tipped, without the addition of any extra “judo”.

Gripping is a skill that is actually separate from, but also included in judo. Once I figured this out, I  became a better player and once I studied it my coaching skill increased exponentially.

Then not only did I learn it, but I learned how to teach and now teach it better than most persons on the planet.

And that’s not an arrogant statement…. that’s just the confidence that I’ve developed from hours and hours of study and instruction.


And I want you to do it right away.

I want you to take radical and aggressive action in figuring out your judo problems.

And I’m going to keep creating products so that you can keep finding and accessing solutions. The ones that I’ve already solved and the ones you will solve on your own.

The Return Of……….

I’m pleased to inform you that on the 10th of June, the best selling and most powerful gripfighting product to ever hit the market will return once again.

The product that has helped people win World Championships in Brazilian Jiujitsu, become Olympians and win National Championships.

The product that holds the gripping secrets of a 4-Time Olympian, World Judo Champion and 2-Time Olympic Medalist…. Underground Gripfighting Secrets will return!

Your JUDO GAME will TIP!

Your Gi Grappling game WILL TIP!

Your knowledge and expertise WILL TIP!!!

Get ready and look out for me email tomorrow!!!

Take care,

Rhadi Ferguson, Ph.D., CSCS
BJJ Black Belt
World Class Strength Coach

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