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Thank You

Auto Date Friday, May 28th, 2010

I just wanted to say “thank you” for reading my emails and my newsletters.

I understand that your time is limited and precious and when you can
spare a minute or two to read what I’m sending you, I am truly
grateful and to show you how much I want to remind you about my video
program that I’m virtually giving away for $1 “Situps From A to Z”.

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I am very excited about the release of this program and I want to let
you know that this “Situps From A to Z” will cover the exercises that
I do with my general population clients all the way up to those that I
train who are professional athletes.

The “Situps From A to Z” Video program and downloads will show you:

- The Most Effective Exercises To Turn Your Mid-section Muffin Top
into Midsection of Muscle

- The Exercises That Provide The Abs With The Most Activation

- The Moves To Get Strong and Ripped

- The Best Functional Abdominal Exercises Known To Man

- The Right Exercises To Do All The Way From The Coach Potato Level To
The Elite Athlete Level

*** ***

- The Fat DESTROYING Moves That Will Have Your Body ‘beach ready’ in no time

So please don’t delay.

In the spirit of gratitude I say, once again, thank you for your
support. I will keep providing the best “push-n-play” and highly
accessible products in the world today.

This is why I have chosen to provide my products online and make them
downloadable. You deserve to have access to your investment

You should not have to wait on me. My job is to wait on you (serve you).

Please allow me to be of service….

*** ***

With an attitude of gratitude,

Dr. Rhadi Ferguson
2004 Olympian

Rampage vs. Evans, Commitment Dollar, travel, UFC Expo and more

Auto Date Thursday, May 27th, 2010


My life is all about traveling.

Traveling to practice or traveling out of town. I just miss being at home with my family at times. I’m blessed that the majority of my work is from home, but leaving still hurts. It’s rough, looking the lil’ guy Rufus in the face and telling him that “daddy has to go out of town.”
He then asks, “Daddy can I go with you?” and I have to tell him, “not this time but when Daddy gets back we’ll go to Universal Studios!”

Sometimes it stops him from crying and sometimes it doesn’t.

At any rate, it is painful  :-(

So this week……

UFC Expo

This week I will be at the UFC Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada sharing a booth with Lia Hatashita from Hatashita Sports. I am not selling anything, but doing give-a-aways the whole weekend. It’s cool stuff.

I’m looking forward to the weekend.

I also think that I have to corner a fighter in the Tuff-N-Nuf event on the 28th so it should be one heckuva a weekend.

The main event of the weekend is the UFC 114 show where Rashad Evans will compete against Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.

This fight has been brewing for some time and here is my prediction for that fight and why.


WHY?  Takedowns. Period. Quinton Jackson will not be able to stop the takedown. Rashad will play it safe and get his title shot.

Are You Still Committed?

A few days ago I provided you with some outstanding resources for personal improvement.

I also challenged you to do an exercise and set aside $1.

If you didn’t get that email or blog post, its right here >>>

Then I also invited you to properly INVEST that $1 and allow me to help you get in shape, learn more about fitness and get the best core training fitness tool available for only $1  and I promised to throw in 4 weeks of e-Coaching so that you can test-drive my 52 week eCoaching program.

So I’m here writing to you again and asking you to invest $1.00 so that I can help you.

All it takes is $1 >>>

If you are in Vegas
Holla at me!

Take care and I’ll holla at you tomorrow.

Dedicated to your improvement,

Rhadi Ferguson, Ph.D., CSCS
2004 Olympian
4-Time National Judo Champion

P.S. Heck, it’s only $1 >>>

“Commitment Dollar Instructions”

Auto Date Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

I informed you a couple of hours ago that I would get in touch with you to let you know that to do with that commitment dollar.

So here’s what I want you to do.

Wait, let me tell you this first.

A couple of hours ago, I provided you with some very informative and easy-to-use resources to help you get on track. I really want you to look at those things and PICK the workout which is appropriate for you.

Now, in order for things to work, not only in business but also in life, an investment is required.

I believe that our relationship is going to work, which is why I invested in you and I want this relationship to work out for both of us and for you to see the changes that you want in your life and in your body, so I am asking you to invest in me.

Take out that $1.00 and immediately go to the website that I have listed below and INVEST that $1.00 and I promise you. We will not only get you in some great shape by transforming your body, we will also work together to educated you about how to enhance your life. There IS a relationship between your physiology and your affective domain.

Let’s work on them.

Go here and Invest that $1 today!

>>> <<<

Take care and I am looking forward to *seeing* you soon!

Dedicated To Your Improvement,

Rhadi Ferguson, Ph.D., CSCS
2004 Olympian
World Class Strength and Conditioning Coach

P.S. All I need is $1

Soon It Will Be June!!! (what this means)….

Auto Date Monday, May 24th, 2010


I was having a conversation with somebody yesterday and they said, “soon it’ll be June.” And a light bulb went off in my head and I repeated what they said…


I know you are asking yourself, “What in the world does that mean?”

Well, Imma tell you.

This is what it means.

It means that SUMMER TIME is here and you have messed around and allowed the following to happen:

1. You allowed New Years Eve to kick you in the butt
2. You allowed Valentine’s Day and eating out for kick you in the neck
3. You allowed St. Patty’s Day to kick you in the face
4. You allowed Easter to stomp on your back
5. And….. YOU ALLOWED Cinco de Mayo to rabbit punch you in the gut.

And what does all of that mean.

That means your DOGGONE New Years Eve Resolution to get in shape went out the window.

And I ain’t gonna even mention all of the birthday parties and meetings and special events that you went to where you felt entitled to have a “little sip of this or a small bite of that.”


You have to be “bikini ready” and now you are under the gun.

FRET NOT GRASSHOPPER. I’m here to help you. Here’s How!

First Let Me Be
Up Front With You
I’m Going To Need
A Dollar. A Dollar
Is All I Need

I’m going to personally, and of course professionally, hand you the tools that you are going to need in order to get your midsection tightened up and to get yourself back under control.

Here’s what I want you to do first…..

First, go find a mirror and strip down in front of the mirror buck naked.

That’s right “BUCKET NAKED”. And look at yourself REALLLLLL GOOD.

Be thankful that you have what you have and be thankful that you are able to stand there and do something about your current condition. Because there are some that cannot stand today because they chose not to make the decision you are getting ready to make.

Now say to yourself: (Your Name), we are committed to remove the areas which are unhealthy today and committed to begin a healthy lifestyle forever. (Your Name), I love you and I’m going to start treating you better.

Okay, after you finish
that… Here’s what’s

Put your damn clothes on. LOL

Okay, then do this

I’m still laughing. Hold on.


But I’m so VERY serious about doing this exercise. It is NECESSARY!!!!!

THEN WHAT I WANT YOU TO DO IS FIND A $1.00 bill and hold it in your

That is your COMMITMENT dollar.

Put it somewhere. Don’t spend it on coffee, or snacks or put it in the machine.

Hold on to it.

And I will tell you what to do with that later.

All I Need Is $1.00

If you can’t commit a $1.00

I’m not sure I can help you.


I am going to contact you again in a couple of hours about what to do with that “Commitment Dollar” but right now I want to show you what I’m going to ask you to do.

So I’m going to GIVE you plenty of phree resources that you can use to get in shape (all PHREE!!!):


2. (Squats From A to Z)

3. Easy To Follow d.i.e.t chart

4. Easy To Follow Workout

5. Easy To Follow Circuit Workout

Okay, That Oughta Get
You Started

I will communicate with you very soon.

Look out for my email or blog post which will be title: “Commitment Dollar”

Take care.

Dedicated to your personal improvement,

Rhadi Ferguson, Ph.D., CSCS
World Class Strength & Conditioning Coach

Haters and Favor, and the Truth about Kimbo Slice

Auto Date Thursday, May 13th, 2010

This message has been brought to you by Chump Repellent. The Number One Personal Improvement Product On The Web Today


If there’s one thing that I’ve learned through sport, life and my religious and spritual growth, its this: “Favor Aint Fair!”

I remember my dad telling me about favor and how he always asked God for “favor.”. I remember seeing people that, in my immature and ignorant mind, didn’t deserve to have what they have and my father told me, “Boy, that’s not your place. You do what you are supposed to do and the Lord will bless you accordingly.”

I remember asking myself, “According to what?!?” And then having a one-sided conversation with myself saying, “Hell, I can work hard and bad stuff happens and someone over here can do nothing and good stuff happens. Its not fair!!!!”

But…. As my personal and spiritual growth increased, I understood that favor is not something that the unbeliever can understand and its difficult for the immature believer to get a hold of.  Many can’t grasp God’s favor.

I was recently having a conversation with a colleague of mine who consistently wants to refer to me as a “great athlete” and not acknowledge me as a superb strength and conditioning coach. He recently told me, “Yeah, you’ll have the money and the cars, but I’ll get the lifetime achievement award.”.

Smiling While Crying

I smiled why crying for him on the inside. Sadly, he believes that you have to have one or the other. And secondly, he doesn’t know that I already have that, he just can’t *see* it. (Oh, I’m getting ready to shout!)

I wasn’t the best judo player in the country in 2004, Michael Barnes was. As a matter of fact, he qualified the 100kg weight class for rthe olympics, not me. If I were not for him, I would not have been able to go to Athens. I can sit here and admit that up front and openly. Did I work harder than him? I’d like to think so, but I wasn’t with him when he was practicing, so I don’t know. I do know this. His technical background was much more superior than mine, but I won the trials and went to the Olympics.  Had I been living in Japan, I probably wouldn’t have even been considered as a member on the National Team.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, I want you to know that being blessed is something that your detractors cannot do anything about.

The Truth About
Kimbo Slice

Case in point. My colleague said that he’s big into “earning it” (which is another discussion because “earning it” isn’t as meritous as some of you meritocracy believers may want to believe). He said, his only gripe was that Kimbo didn’t “earn” is elevated status. Well, hell, neither did George Bush! Or Obama for that matter. As my mother would say, ” some things you are SELECTED for and some situations you are ELECTED for.”. You cannot “earn” and ELECTION, you are given such a status…..ergo… Favor.

I can clearly remember telling Kevin Ferguson, the man you all know as Kimbo Slice, that he IS blessed.  So many of MMA fans think that Kimbo’s time is running out. NO IT IS NOT!!

Win or lose, the hotel lobby is packed after his fights because people want to meet him. The UFC didn’t cut him, they just decided not to renew his contract. My guess is that, if it makes financial sense, he’ll be back.

Kevin Ferguson is blessed and he has been given an opportunity to do something with that blessing and he KNOWS clearly what he is supposed to do but he only has a given period of time to do it. See, whether Kimbo wins or loses, does not and will not mean anything. We all don’t watch Kimbo because he’s a great MMA Fighter. We watch because we can’t help ourselves. We are intrigued because of his magnetic personality. He has been spiritually “donned” as the man of the hour (for this appointed time). He has favor on his life. You, me, nor Dana White can stop that. That’s a fact. He’s on Gods time.

Now getting back to what I was saying.


He said, “Yeah, you’ll
have the money and
the cars, but I’ll get the
lifetime achievement award.”

LOL! Imagine that. Me waiting on someone to inform me that MY life has been a grand achievement!?!?

I know that already! I went to Howard! LOL

I already have several “lifetime achievement” awards:

* Rhadi Bullard Ferguson, PhD, is the ONLY American born judo player to receive and International Head Coaching assingment. I am currently the Head Coach for the Bahamas, and for my haters and detractors, believe me, I know its not fair…..its favor.

* I am the ONLY African American elite level judo player to retire from judo and create products and build a sustainable and viable martial arts and judo business….I know its not fair…..its favor.

* During the 2004-2008 Olympic training cycle, I had the opportunity to consult and train 9 athletes that qualified for the Olympics in 4 different sports.

Taraje Williams-Murray – Judo
Cara Heads – weightlifting
Sasha Spencer – track and field
Lauryn McNary – trtack and field
Brian Picklo – judo
CC Fisher – greco roman wrestling
Anthony Turner – judo
Valerie Gotay – judo
Natalie Lafon – judo

Those are the cold hard facts. And I trained World Champions in grappling and Brazilian Jiujitsu along the way.  I know its not fair….its favor.

* I was one of 2 student-athletes in Howard University NCAA registered history to be a 3 sport athlete (and made the starting line-up at some point in ALL 3 sports.) And graduated. I know…. – know…. Its not fair.

* Even with my full schedule, I still tithe with my time and talents through volunteering and special projects

* I teach weekly online classes in my 52 week eCoaching Course and have created my own educational web portal

* I was THE only United States Olympic Training Center resident athlete during the 2000-2004 quadrennial to take full advantage of all that the training center offered by pursuing my Ph.D. while training.

* I have developed products which have save lives, extended years of life, provided relief from frustration and products which have repaired relationships. I consult and help people all over the globe right from my home and I am able to do all of this, not just because I went to school, studied, worked hard or any of that stuff. I’ve done all of that. The bottom line is that there is favor on my life.

The greatest lifetime achievement that I have  is my family and my close friends are just that…FAMILY.  For those that know me, you KNOW me. You know how I get down and how I don’t. You know if you need it and I got it… You got it. And you know business is business and colloquial is colloquial and not to get it twisted (biggup to Inga Willis and Winston Williams).


What the take-home message here?

Well the take home message is this….

Many are CALLED, but FEW are CHOSEN. When haters start hatin’ just tell them:

“Look don’t confuse your calling with me being chosen.” (If you missed thgat, I can’t help you, but if you got it, you should already be shoutin’!!!)

Take care,

Rhadi Ferguson, PhD, CSCS

Reason #5 You are Still a CHUMP…”Refusing To Act Now!”

Auto Date Wednesday, May 12th, 2010


First and foremost, today has been such an awesome day. I worked out and my wife is back on her “get sexy, get fine” program after having the baby and boy am I happy. Whew. I’m just like any other man, who panics after his wife puts on that baby weight. We want it off as soon as possible but understand that it doesn’t work like that so we are just happy with the effort. I know I am.

Man, my wife is sexy and that’s a good thing and she’s back on her fitness grind. She’ll be doing a 1/2 marathon in a couple of months, she’ll train through the summer and she’s even started training a little boxing.

Check out my wife’s Left Hook!! She ain’t no CHUMP!!! :-)

Traci’s left hook >>>

Okay, now on to
reason Number 5

The fifth, but number one reason that many people fail is because they refuse to ACT!!

Dale Carnegie, who was famous for his ability to get the most out of people and show them how to climb the ladder of success said this, “ Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage.”

“An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory. Friedrich Engels”

Right now you have the opportunity to obtain one of the most powerful products that you will ever own. You will undoubtedly receive a great deal of information from The Chump Repellent Package, but the question is this -Will You Act Now?

Will you?

Will you complain about the investment?

Will you call your friends to ask them what they think?

Will you hesitate and wait for another opportunity while still having Chump Moments?

……Or will you act right now and acquire the information that YOU NEED in order to go to the next level in the various areas of your life.

Please understand that YOU possess the power to make massive changes and improvements in your life in all areas. I just want to help you get what it is that you want.

Both you and I know that you want more outta life than what you’re getting right now, so let’s not kid ourselves. Be honest. Mediocrity is not the way to go – you know it and I know it. So don’t have a Chump Moment right here, right now. Be a Champion and press forward and get your hands on The Chump Repellent Package Today.

The Chump Repellent
Package Consists Of…

Here’s What You’ll Discover In Your Chump Repellent Package

The Chump Repellent Package Includes:

1. The Chump Repellent Audio Program
2. The Chump Repellent Audio Bonus Program (featuring Dr. Ron Groves)
3. The Bonus Audio Program “The 5 Major Reasons Why 97% of People Fail And What You Need To Do In Order To Succeed”
4. The Transcription Manual of All Of The Audio Files so that you may take copious notes and apply the Chump Repellent Techniques and Strategies
5. Plus the downloadable files for you Ipod/Iphone or PDA device

Over 3 Hours of Material!!!!

>>> <<<

Take care and remember… the only difference between being a “Champ” or being a “Chump” is “U”.

Dr. Rhadi Ferguson

Reason #4 (you are STILL a “Chump”): Not Understanding “The Cost”

Auto Date Tuesday, May 11th, 2010
I gave you the first 3 reasons of why some of you are still living and existing in the realm of  ”chumpitude” and now I’m giving you reason number 4.But here’s the question…..What are you gonna do about it  >>> <<<

Reason #4 is that you
don’t understand the Cost!
I know you’re saying, “What cost?”

Well, that’s just the problem. You don’t understand the cost of winning and the cost of losing.

More often than not, you refuse to invest in terms of your time and money in order to do the things that Champs do. And thus because you want to cut corners, you inevitably turn yourself into a Chump.

Stop cutting corners!

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t go all the way through the line during sprints, or cheats on exams, or constantly plays the lottery or is always looking some way to “get over” then you are trying to circumvent the cost without knowing that you will pay more in the end.

Just think about it.

People who shoplift try to get something without paying. And sometimes they succeed, but the one moment that they don’t – what happens?

I’ll tell you what happens. They end up paying more than what the initial item which they were stealing costs. They pay double.  They now pay in time and embarrassment.

And the same thing happens when you try to short cut things in business, in sports and in life. Your Inner Chump speaks to you and tells you that you are “saving”, when in actuality you are costing yourself and putting yourself in debt. The equivalent is when you’re running sprints in practice and you’re trying to “save” yourself instead of going “all out”. If you train like this, you will pay a hefty price later. You must learn how to repel these types of thoughts.

Take care and we’ll *talk* 2morrow.  Until then….. take this  …. and call me in the morning.

Rhadi Ferguson, Ph.D., CSCS

P.S. You can trust me…….I’m a doctor.  LOL  >>> <<<

UFC, Kimbo, Chump Repellent, Mothers Day and much more

Auto Date Monday, May 10th, 2010

This message was brought
to you by Chump Repellent
The leading product in attitude


On Friday I promised to provide you with reason number 3 of why you exhibit Chump Behaviors and why you need to get some Chump Repellent. So without any further ado, here’s reason number 3.

Reason #3: Poor Choice
of Friends and

Reason #3 is that you have a very Poor Choice of Friends and Acquaintances.

Quite frankly, your peer group SUCKS!!

Here’s the cold hard facts, the people that you are around are enablers. They are either enablers towards good quality behaviors or enablers towards chump-type behaviors. More often than not, if you take a good look at the people around you and the people with whom you are “hanging”you will find out why you are at the current achievement level which you are currently.

In the latin culure they have a phrase which sums up this section that goes, “Dime con quien te andas y te dire quien tu eres.”

The translation is “Tell me who you walk with and I’ll tell you who you are!”

The bottom line is if you hang with Chumps, you will be a chump.

And if you hang with people who exhibit Chump behavior, you will too. You NEED a tool so that you can keep these people out of your life. Chump Repellent is it!!

“Tell me who you walk with and I’l tell you who you are!”

>>> <<<

Now On to Kimbo

This morning alone I had 75 facebook messages, and Lord only knows how many emails. I’ll find out once my assistant sifts through them all, about Kimbo Slice.

People want to know what I think, get my opinion, and hear what I want to say about it. So here’s what I’ll say.

Kimbo lost.

He should keep training.

He’s SUPER blessed to have fought in the UFC.

The door is open for him to fight there again.

He should keep training, keep getting better, and talk with his friends, family, agent, coaches and supporters and find out the next best move for him.

Kimbo’s legacy is already set. He’s a househould name. He went from a nobody, so a somebody that the world talks and writes about. He’s done it. He’s gone from the street to the Octogon. (Hell, I can’t even go from the Olympics to the UFC… I’m still trying.. so I tip my hat to him.)

Kimbo took a DIRECT challenge from UFC President Dana White. He answered the challenge, tried the best that he could and made a valiant effort.
If he want to be a complete MMA fighter, he should keep training. He has much to learn.

If he no longer wants to fight, that’s cool too. What does he have to prove? Nothing.

As far as I’m concerned…. I WOULD LOVE to work with Kimbo. Help him with his training, actually create a training schedule, handle his strength and conditioning. I offered. I wasn’t selected for the task. No love lost. I’ve been hired, fired and not hired before. I’m cool. My record is impeccable.

Kimbo, will be fine. I would LOVE to see him keep training. He has what it takes. He just has to continue to train. There are still some fights out there for him even at 37, 38, 39 years of age. The UFC paying demographic still wants to see people their age fighting. That’s why Herschel, Randy Couture, Mark Coleman and people like Don Frye still have relevance.

In my humble opinion. Kimbo should fight 2 more times. Win. Then call up Vince McMahahon.

Here’s what I’ve
done so far today

Had killer weight room workout at 9am.

Now I’m going to do 30 minutes of cardio training and then tonight some boxing and mma training.

The hamstring is coming along, but coming along super slow. I’m getting a little bit irritated and frustrated, but I have to remember I’m 35 and things take a little longer to heal then when I was 25. It will happen. The strain was only 2-1/2 weeks ago, but yet and still, I wish it were better already.

Things are coming along. I’m actually holding pads for my wife Traci and my son Rufus. I’m going to put up a video soon for you.

I believe that one of the things that keeps a marriage tight is making sure that there are alot of shared interests. So instead of me going at the MMA thing by myself, I decided to also get the family involved. It’s working out great. My wife has one heluva right cross.


Mothers Day weekend was great. I hope you had an excellent one. To those of you who have lost your mother, I send my condolences no matter if it was one year ago or 20 years ago, from what I understand, such a loss really doesn’t get easier, especially if you had a mother who invested time, care and love into your life.

If your mom is still around, I hope you at least called and told her how much you love her. If you didn’t, YOU MY FRIEND, are a Chump!!!

Take care,

Rhadi Ferguson, Ph.D., CSCS

Reason #2 Why You’re Having Problems Takin’ “it” to the ‘next level’

Auto Date Friday, May 7th, 2010

Honestly, the reason why 97% of you are having problems achieving
the major breakthroughs you are looking for professionally,
financially and personally is due to your inability to control your
Inner Chump and the manifestation of Chump Moments in your life.

Well, right now I’m going to offer you the ability to repress these
Chump Moments and a solution to repel your inner chump. I’m going
to offer you some Chump Repellent.

Reason #2: Excuses
Have Become Acceptable

Reason #2 is that Excuses Have Become Acceptable.

That’s right. You have made excuses a reasonable and plausible
explanation for not getting things done or accomplishing
objectives. Some of you, without know it, have actually trained
yourself to be a quitter and have allowed quitting by yourself and
others to be acceptable.

Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the
habit of making excuses. -George Washington Carver.

This point is one of the hardest to accept, because no one really
and truly believes that they are a quitter, but if you look back at
the last 10 years of your life and see the things which you’ve
started, or have talked about starting, or have thought about
starting and see those same things not finished, then you have and
are very accomplished in the area of QUITTING….. And you have been
infected with Chump Moments and NEED CHUMP REPELLENT!

>>> <<<

This makes you a Chump. Now we all have moments when we would like
to quit stuff and things. That moment when we have that feeling is
the initial manifestation of our Inner Chump.

In order for us to “kill” or repel these feelings, we need some
type of Chump Repellent to thwart the growth of these types of
thoughts and behaviors.

Quote of the day:
“I attribute my success to this:
I never gave or took an excuse”
- Florence Nightingale

Monday, check me out for Reason #3 or just stop waiting and get
Chump Repellent Today

Take care,

Rhadi Ferguson, Ph.D., CSCS
2004 Olympian

Reason #1 Why You’re Having Problems Takin’ “it” to the ‘next level’

Auto Date Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Honestly, the reason why 97% of you are having problems achieving
the major breakthroughs you are looking for professionally,
financially and personally is due to your inability to control your
Inner Chump and the manifestation of Chump Moments in your life.

Well, right now I’m going to offer you the ability to repress these
Chump Moments and a solution to repel your inner chump. I’m going
to offer you some Chump Repellent.

I know, I know. You’ve read everything, listened to everything.
You’ve gone to the preacher, the pastor, the groups, the
meetings….. Hell, you’ve done everything that they told you to do
and it hasn’t worked.

Some of you have tried to lose weight. You bought the equipment,
the tapes, you signed up at the gym, you registered for the weight
loss meeting group, YOU DID everything that your friends did, BUT
it didn’t work for you….

Some of you have been trying to switch jobs, change careers and
make more money. You’ve revamped your resume, your CV, you’ve
studied the how to interview books, you’ve looked at doing real
estate as a side business, you’ve tried Amway, and every other
start up company out there, only to get chewed up, spit out,
dish-ragged and mishandled. It just didn’t work for you….

Some of you have been trying to make your relationships work.
You’ve gone to church, to counseling, to your friends, your loved
ones, but thing just ain’t working out.

Well, there are 5 Major Reasons Why 97% of People Fail And What You
Need To Do In Order To Succeed. I’m going to tell them to you right
now and I’m going to also give you a solution of how you can fix it.

“Insider-Secrets Exposed:
Why 97% of People FAIL
At Damn-Near Everything They Try”

Reason #1: Getting In Your Own Way

Reason #1 is YOU!

Believe it or not, the best thing that you can do for yourself is
to get out of your own way. Your lack of belief and faith in what
you are capable of stops you from being able to succeed.

If you are too heavy, you think that, “I can never lose any weight.”

If you are slow, you say, “I’ll never run as fast as them,” Or
maybe you tell yourself, “I’ll never have any money to do anything.”

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.
-Henry Ford

If you speak like this, you’ve defeated yourself before you
started. So essentially YOU are the biggest part of your problem.
This particular problem is the main thing that allows people to
call you a Chump. You allow your Inner Chump to stop you from being
a Champ.


If this is one of the problems that you have, you are in luck. The
Chump Repellent Program Set will allow you to overcome this problem
and achieve some remarkable breakthroughs in many areas of your

Tomorrow check more out for Reason #2 or just stop waiting and get
Chump Repellent Today
>>> <<<

Take care,

Rhadi Ferguson, Ph.D., CSCS
2004 Olympian