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Did you know??

Auto Date Monday, March 29th, 2010

This message has
been brought to you by

“Starting as early as your 20s and throughout your 30s,
you’ll naturally start to lose muscle — and gain fat
at a rate of about 2 percent per decade, especially
if you have a sedentary job or lifestyle. This subtle
muscle-to-fat ratio change can make it tougher to
maintain your ideal weight as time goes on. But weight
training can help — no matter what your age.”

This is a fact.

Listen….I know what you want.

….You want it ALL!!!

….You want an uncompromising workout that will give you immediate results, a spectacular body and SUPERB cardiovascular fitness.

I understand.

….You also want a great full body workout that you can do when you are crunched for time.

I know.

You want a workout that you can do anywhere, take anywhere, and access from anywhere.

I know.

You also want a one-stop-shop, handy-dandy, super efficient and super effective and SUPER simple workout that does it all and that DOES NOT require expensive machines and a whole bunch of nonsensical equipment.

I COMPLETELY understand.


Many of you know that dumbbells have long been revered as the workout tool of choice for everybody from Olympians, the military, combat athletes and fitness gurus.

Its really no secret that ALL of the best athletes in the world use Dumbbells. I’ve lived at the Olympic Training Center and I know because I’ve seen it for myself.

I’ve also traveled all over the world and I’m telling you right now that Dumbbell Training is the way to go if you want to develop excellent strength with excellent range of motion.

So What’s The Secret To Gaining As
Much Strength As You Would Like
Without Gaining Weight?

My name is Rhadi Ferguson and I’m a 2004 Olympian in the Sport of Judo and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and one of the most sought after coaches and speakers in the country.

I’ve trained some of today’s top athletes in the combat sports arena and act as a consultant for many individuals who utilize my products and services on a consistent basis.

In my new video product, Maximum Dumbbell Training, I’m handing you a proven system that has been constructed so that you can effortlessly explode and kick your fitness levels into high gear – without spending loads of cash, buying unnecessary equipment or hiring a personal trainer.

As a matter of fact Maximum Dumbbell Training puts fitness into your life. And functional dumbbell training will allow you to gain strength by increasing your intra- and inter- muscular coordination while getting you nice and lean. Maximum Dumbbell Training is the best product at increasing your strength without bulking you up.

And the most amazing part of this video – Maximum Dumbbell Training, is that virtually nobody in my profession delivers strength training information like this….. down to earth and easy to understand.

Most people just provide you with exercises. Exercises are like ingredients.


What you need are the RECIPES!!! You need a ‘fool-proof‘, proven workout!

So that’s what I provide. I provide the ingredients AND the recipes.

When you have Maximum Dumbbell Training at your fingertips, you will have in-hand over 90 minutes of tried, true and tested exercises, workouts and protocols that will chisel your frame and zap the fat right off of your body.

Once you download these workouts and training regimens into your eagerly-awaiting muscle cells, your body will respond in a way which you’ve never seen.

So why wait, get your hands on Maximum Dumbbell Training Today and start working on the body that you CAN have tomorrow

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Take care and make a quality decision today.

Dedicated to your improvement,

Rhadi Ferguson, Ph.D., CSCS
2004 Olympian
4-Time National Judo Champion
BJJ Black Belt
Bahamas Judo Federation – Head Coach

He said, “Oh, I get it now…”

Auto Date Thursday, March 18th, 2010


I hope you are having a wonderful day. I’m sitting here typing this
email while my coffee is brewing.

I’m going to pour myself a cup and head out the door. This morning I’m
training with Howard Davis and doing some light boxing sparring with
Jeff Monson. Should be a good time….. I hope.

Well, here’s what I want to let you know.

Just recently I re-released 2 of my favorite products.

The Grind –


Beyond The Rings –

And after re-releasing “Beyond The Rings” here’s what one person wrote me…..

“ohhhh I get it now”

After someone purchased “Beyond The Rings” and watched it, here’s what
they said.

“Dr. Ferguson thanks so much for ‘Beyond The Rings’!! What a wonderful
video. I get it now. I didn’t get it before but after watching the
video I said to myself, “Oh I Get It Now!”
I really couldn’t understand why I couldn’t breakthrough to the top
tier of my sport and I see why now. My ranking is a direct reflection
of my commitment. And the scary part is that the more you commit, the
more you have to lose, but if you don’t commit, you can’t win.. or at
least win big. I get it now. You and Taraje and literally changed my
life. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” – Stacia Graves


Wow, I’m certainly glad that she gets it and I hope she gets all of
the other messages in “Beyond The Rings” and I hope you do to.

For those of you that didn’t know. Beyond The Rings is the second
re-release of my Instant Gratification Model where you can order today
and get your product today. I provide you with a secret website, a
password, the videos, the audios and ipod videos that you my download
as well. And you get all of this for $7.

So please do yourself a favor and get “Beyond The Rings” today >>>

Take care. Gotta get to practice.

Rhadi Ferguson, Ph.D., CSCS
2004 Olympian

P.S. If you haven’t seen yet and you
want to improve on the ground then go here now

Who’s The Best Pacquiao or Mayweather?

Auto Date Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Just this past weekend Manny Pacquiao gave Joshua Clottey a beating that he will never forget inside of the dome in Dallas at the Dallas Cowboy Stadium.

Before the fight, during the fight and after the fight, they kept mentioning Manny Pacquiao as the best “pound for pound” fighter. Everytime I heard it I shuddered. I was pissed.

The BEST pound for pound fighter is Floyd Mayweather!

He is undefeated and the best. Manny is good, but he ain’t no Floyd Mayweather.

I wish people would get a hold of themselves. Just because many people don’t like Floyd doesn’t mean that Manny is better.

Floyd’s the man……. and….if you think otherwise, let me know.

Beyond The Rings
Will Be Here On
March 18th

On the 18th of March, you will see EXACTLY what it costs and takes to be the best in sport.

2-Time Olympian Taraje Williams-Murray and myself, Rhadi Ferguson, will show you exactly what you need to do in order to become very very good. You will be pleasantly surprised and enlightened through the sharing of our experiences.

So, on the 18th of March, the re-release of “Beyond The Rings” will be available in the “instant gratification” format.

Instant Gratification?

Well if you didn’t know, I’m making some huge changes to my business. Once you order a product, you will be able to experience that product immediately. Once you order a video, you will be able to see that video right after you pay and I’ll provide you with a MP4 file so that you can watch it on your Ipod or Iphone. I will also provide you all the downloadables that come with your product so that you don’t have to wait before you get the info.

And this is great because the quicker you get it, the faster you can improve. It’s also sweet because you will be able to access the information from anywhere.

The first product that I released in this format was my flagship product “The Grind” >>> <<<

The next one will be Beyond The Rings on the 18th. Take care.

Dedicated to your improvement,

Rhadi Ferguson, Ph.D., CSCS
2004 Olympian

What’s Going On With Rhadi, MMA, Judo and Much More

Auto Date Monday, March 15th, 2010


First of all, I certainly hope that you had a wonderful weekend. Mine was cool. I did a seminar on Saturday at American Top Team in Cooconut Creek, FL where I illustrated the finer points of Ouchi Gari and why, in judo, we don’t refer to the move as “an inside trip” because IT IS NOT AN INSIDE TRIP!! And there are many subtleties to the movement that the wrestling community doesn’t acknowledge when the move is referred to as “an inside trip” LOL.

So that’s what I was doing, as well as healing up from all of the practices during the week.

Many of you have heard that I’m training for MMA.

I am. I’m looking to get a solid an reasonable fight deal, but there don’t seem to be any biters at this time. I’m in a funny situation because of my background. Some people don’t want to fight me, and then there are some people that, quite honestly, would fight me that I’m just not ready to fight. My striking is more than a little bit lacking right now and I’m just not ready to fight a top heavyweight or lightweight fighter. I was offered to fight Josh Barnett and right now that, for me, is a big NO NO!! :-)

In Judo, things are going GREAT!

I’m still training the Bahamian Judo Team. They are improving by leaps and bounds.

You can see their progress here:

Recently, I just finished a 14 hour seminar with the Bahamian Junior Judo Elite Team. It was one heckuva experience for the kids. Some cried, some pouted, some were pissed and some were just frustrated beyond belief, but THEY ALL were happy as hell when they finished and they learned more than they ever thought possible and were enriched from the experience.

The parents provided awesome feedback and were very thankful.

I wanted these kids to understand the sacrifice that is NECESSARY if you want to be the best.

Last Week…..

Last week I re-released my flagship product “The Grind”

This product is absolutely phenomenal and it give you an up close and personal look at what happens when you mix Brazilian Jiujitsu and Judo.

If you look very carefully at the preparation which I’m using for the Bahamian Judo Federation, you can clearly see that I’m mixing in the Brazilian Jiujitsu training along with the Judo training.


Well, that question can be clearly answered in “The Grind”

I can tell you right now that the President of the Bahamian Judo Federation was completely shocked at the last international competition when the opposing coaches were saying, “Don’t go to the ground with her. Get up!!!!”

He said that nobody had ever been scared to go to the ground with anybody from the Bahamian Judo Team. I said, “my dear friend, things WILL change!!”

If you would like to see how BJJ can change your Judo game and vice versa, I certainly recommend “The Grind.”

What’s Up Next?

After “The Grind” I promised that I would re-release the product that I did with 2004 and 2008 Olympian Taraje Williams-Murray, “Beyond The Rings”

Beyond The Rings is a great product that clearly explains and illustrates the hurdles, difficulties, joys and pains of pursuing the Olympics.

For anyone who is trying to achieve high levels of sport in the combat arts, this video, Beyond The Rings is necessary.

The great thing about the re-release of “Beyond The Rings” is that it will only require an investment of $7.

That’s it. Seven bucks… $7

So on the 18th of March, the re-release of “Beyond The Rings” will be here.

Here’s a ‘preview” of
Beyond The Rings

So on March 18th you will be able to go here >>> <<<


Well, today is another day of training and teaching.

If you have been trying to order some of my products and cannot right now, please do not despair. I am in the process of making some large changes to my business and providing the products in the soft format.

If you were one of the few who have ordered a DVD from me in the last week while I am in the midst of changing over, please be patient, I just received my inventory and am mailing everything out on Monday.

Take care and have a great day today.

Dedicated To Your Improvement,

Rhadi Ferguson, Ph.D., CSCS
2004 Olympian

(video enclosed) The Grind Is Back!

Auto Date Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Just like I promised, the first product out the gate is “The Grind”

Now you can order The Grind today and GET THE GRIND TODAY!!

I have set it up so that you can

*** Access the videos and audio files from anywhere
*** Download the files and put them on your ipod or iphone
*** Watch the video via a password protected site
*** And I’ve done it so that you can access your purchase IMMEDIATELY!!!

I truly appreciate your support.

Next up will be “Beyond The Rings”

If you’d like a preview of “The Grind” you may go here

To skyrocket your judo or BJJ game literally overnight and to
understand the importance and the imperatives of training
both sports do yourself a favor and go here right now
today >>> <<<

Thank you so much for your patience and your patronage.


Rhadi Ferguson, Ph.D., CSCS
2004 Olympian
BJJ Black Belt

New Development [MUST READ]

Auto Date Monday, March 1st, 2010


First and foremost I want to let you know that I hope that you are
having a wonderful day. I’m sure as many of you know, Traci and I just
had a beautiful baby girl. Her name is Rhadi Isabelle Ferguson. She is
named after me and her middle name is the same as Traci’s
great-grandmother’s. The new addition to the home has been a handful, but it is a joyful experience and Traci and I are thankful for the new addtion and the new challenges that come with it. We believe that we all should be thankful in and through all things.

What’s New?

Well, I’m making some MAJOR changes in my business.


I just had to fire my fulfillment company at the urging of my
accountant because we just couldn’t seem to get the ledger balanced
and the organization of the fulfillment house wasn’t what neither my
accountant nor I was looking for. (That’s the Christian way to say
what I really want to say. Please read between the lines).

So, at the urging of many of you I’m going to an INSTANT GRATIFICATION MODEL.

Instant Gratification?

What does that mean?

Well, after doing much reading and researching in the past 48 hours,
I’ve found out that most individuals from the ages of 16-45 who use
the internet also have some type of PDA device such as an Iphone,
Ipod, Blackberry, etc.,.

And although providing DVDs and audio CDs are great, this form of
media is becoming antiquated. I’m sure many of you watch a lot of
television “on demand” and download movies and songs from iTunes. And
you are able to get what you want, when you want it.

Well, as an educator, I MUST make sure that you can ACCESS my
information 24 hours a day from anywhere. If you are traveling you
should be able to get on your laptop and watch an exercise DVD from
Rhadi Ferguson or a technical series from Rhadi Ferguson INSTANTLY!

You should also be able to carry me around on your iPhone, Ipod or PDA
device and listen to interviews, coaching calls or some of my private
interrogations at your leisure. Or watch a video.

Therefore I’M GOING SOFT!!!!!

Rhadi Ferguson is GOING

That’s right, I’m going soft!

95% of my catalog is going to be INSTANTLY GRATIFYING.

Meaning, right after you purchase, there will be:

NO WAING FOR THE PRODUCT – you will get to see your video immediately
and be provided with the downloadable link for your Ipod IMMEDIATELY.
You will be able to watch your video whenever you want from whereever
you want. On you device or online.

NO SHIPPING COSTS!!!!!! – going soft means that I will ELIMINATE the
shipping and handling costs. You will get what you paid for
immediately and you will not get hammered with shipping and handling
costs for the products which are “soft”.

NO MANUFACTURING COSTS! – As you know in business…. The sh— runs
down hill. So when I get hit with a cost, you get hit with a cost. As
a small business owner, I don’t have the volume nor ordering powre of
a Target or a Walmart so manufacturers hammer me a little bit harder.
(I guess that’s the American way LOL). So I’m going to eliminate all
of those problems and issues and save both you and I a lot of money.
MUCH LOWER COSTS – low, low, low. You will be pleasantly surprised.

So why am I REALLY doing this?

Well, for all of the reasons I mentioned and………


I’ll just be 100% honest with you.

There’s nothing better than staying up all night with the President of
the Judo Federation in the Bahamas and coming up with strategies for
success in the Bahamas on the whiteboard. And then having discussions
and arguments until 4:00am as he bases his positions and thesis
statements from a business point of view as a graduate of Kellog’s
Business School in Northwestern University and I provide dialectical
reasoning from the stanpoint of Moacir Gadotti and Hegel. And then
trying to take a quick shower, grab some coffee and leave the house so
that we can make the 5:00am practice. Or speaking with him on the
phone at 11pm while we are both online watching a video that he’s sent
over and critiquing it and taking notes and then shooting a video
right on the spot and sending it back to him to fix the problem that
we were talking about and then………

Watching the young men and women that you’ve been coaching and
consulting for perform the techniques which were part of the
curriculum that you’ve slaved, worked, and argued over in the wee
hours of the morning. It almost brings tears to my eyes as I write
about it. There’s nothing like it.

Or watching some dude step into the cage that you’ve helped knowing
that his life hangs in the balance based upon what you did or did not
provide to him.

Or helping someone save their business who just didn’t know what
marketing direction to take next.

There’s absolutely no better feeling. You actually get to tap
directly into the Power of the Mastermind.

It is MY JOB, MY CALLING to ensure that you get the information that
you need and desire in your hands as quickly as possible so that you
may put it to use and then decide if you would like for me to continue
to coach you and help you.

Believe me when I tell you that there is much information and benefit
provided in the products which I’ve created. Your life will be
enhanced. And you will further see what I can do for you through
coaching and consults.

But for right now I just want you to know what’s coming down the pipeline:

- First up. The reissuance of The Grind. My flagship product, “The
Grind” will be re-released in the “soft” version for IMMEDIATE view
and IMMEDIATE download on March 9th. This will be absolutely SUPERB.

- Second will be the re-release of Beyond The Rings by 2-Time Olympian
Taraje Williams-Murray and Rhadi Ferguson. This will be absolutely
phenomenal for everyone to get coming off the winter Olympics. I can
tell you right now that you will be able to get Beyond The Rings for
only $7 That’s right. Seven bucks, not strings attached, no coaching
program addtition, just 7 bucks. And with that you will receive the
video and the audio of the DVD to listen to at your leisure

- Third will be the re-release of Judo Scouting Reports (which will be EXCELLENT to carry around on your iPod!!) I don’t know about you, but if you practice Judo or BJJ, you absolutely NEED this product.

- And more will be forthcoming…

Thank You So Much

Thank you for your time and your patience.

For those that have joined the legion of others on Live Judo – I want to thank you.

For those of you who are a part of my 52 week eCoaching course, I want
to say thank you. If you’d like to get in the coaching course I’ll
provide more information on that just a little bit later.

If you’ve ordered anything in the past 48 hours, please bear with me
for the next 7 days, as I process your order and get it out to you.
I’ve right in the middle of a minor business restructuring and your
patience is greatly appreciated.

Other than that, you all have a super fantastic day. If you need me
for anything, just hit me up or hit me up

Take care,

Rhadi Ferguson, Ph.D., CSCS
2004 Olympian

P.S. Thank you to all of you who have been requesting and urging me to
provide downloadable and “soft” products for some time. It just took
me some time to put things into action as I wasn’t sure which delivery
system I wanted to utilize. I’m gratefull for your input and your
support. May God bless you and yours.