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What I Learned From Hulk Hogan…

Auto Date Wednesday, January 6th, 2010


This week has already been exciting, frustrating and fulfilling and its only Wednesday!!

I hope that you New Year has started off on the right foot. I received a call yesterday that one of my friend’s had some hardships already. Her father passed away. I immediately stopped what I was doing after receiving the news via phone and began to pray for her and her family.

It’s tough starting off the year like that, but as hard as it is to accept, sooner or later we are all going to leave her and go elsewhere.

My fervent hope, wish and prayer for many of you is that you leave a lasting legacy and work you can be proud of.

TNA Wrestling

On Monday, I attended the TNA Wrestling show in Orlando. I was super excited. My main man Bobby Lashley got tickets for my son and I. I was awesome.  The main reason was because I got to spend some time with my son. The second reason is because Hulk Hogan was in the building!!

I’m sure many of you have your Hulk Hogan story.

Here’s mine…..

My cousin David Dorsey and I used to watch wrestling without fail. We used to do the moves on each other, we used to do the moves on our little cousin Aris (thank God she never got seriously hurt) and we used to workout with the weight hard. Especially on Saturdays after watching wrestling.

We went to the first Wrestlemania together. We watched it in Miami via satellite. The place was PACKED!! It was an incredible experience.

I grew up with Hulk Hogan. He was a hero of mine and believe it or not a major influence in my life as well as many other kids.  Phrases like, “say your prayers and eat your vitamins” were huge. I wish I had someone other than my wife and I saying that to my son. It’s great reinforcement.

Hogan provided a sense of togetherness when he asked the question:

“Whatcha gonna do…. Whatcha gonna do when Hulkumania runs wild on you?”

It let you know that there was strength in numbers, that more was possible with people, than without them.

I’m sure I’m taking this Hogan thing a bit too far, but so what. I LOVE Hulk Hogan and I’m 34 years old, pushin’ 35 and I aint got no problem with saying that I begged Bobby Lashley to get me on a jam-packed V.I.P.list so that my son and I could experience our first Hulk Hogan moment together……..and…. we got to meet Brooke too.

Rufus had a REALLY FUNNY MOMENT when he met Brooke. Please check out my Facebook photo if you want to know what I mean. LOL

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What’s New?

Well, what is VERY new is that I’m really working my butt off to get this new Newaza Coaching Program that I’m doing with Jimmy Pedro.  I wanted to deliver it in the format of a DVD a month, but after speaking with a lot of you, you said that you preferred the online method of renderring information if it would really cut costs.

So what I’m doing right now is getting everything in a working format and creating an EASY delivery system so that you can get quality information at a very good price.

I really love judo as well as the other grappling arts, but I want to make sure that my judo folks are taken care of. So Jimmy and I have been working diligently on this product and it will be out soon. As a matter of fact, you will be able to experience some sneak peaks of Jimmy Pedro’s Coaching Program called – Newaza Made Easy – starting next week.

Please Get This

If you haven’t gotten your hands on:

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and you call yourself a coach or a personal trainer, then you are fooling yourself.  You are out of your mind. You absolutely NEED these tools for success. The more you know, the more you grow. And you can better service yourself and others if you have the appropriate tools to build a better body.

Let’s get it done and get it in.

Sheesh, I’m literally GIVING “Situps From A to Z” away. Really >>>

New Videos

As always, make sure to check my blogs, Youtube and Twitter.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve uploaded some great “Coffee With Rhadi” segments, some good technical wrestling videos and some very informative judo video.

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Take care and have a wonderful day.

With much respect,

Rhadi Ferguson, Ph.D., CSCS

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