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“Can we see a preview of the Situps From A to Z DVD?”

Auto Date Friday, October 30th, 2009

After announcing the release of my new DVD Set “Situps From A to Z” my email inbox was poppin’ like popcorn in the microwave.
The number one question I received was, “Can we see a preview of the DVD?”

So here’s my answer to that question.

My name if Rhadi Ferguson. I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, I hold a Ph.D. in Education, I wrote my dissertation on training in an unstable training environment utilizing an upper body protocol that I co-developed. I have over 30 DVDs in the marketplace, over 100 videos on Youtube and Facebook and have more pages on Google than I care to count. A simple Google search will tell you who I am and what I do.

In furtherance, the initial release of this DVD is NOT for the tire-kickers or the people that I have to convince when it comes to the quality of my products and the information which I provide. Those individuals can pay the regular $54.95 offering price and view the video preview and trailers at that time.

As for right now, I’m dealing with the people who know my work, are familiar with the impact that I’ve made in the fitness and sports performance training world and are interested in what Dr. Ferguson is doing next.
So to answer succinctly, “No. There will not be a preview for this DVD until it is offered for $54.95. However, on the 10th of November it will be offered for a sweet price of $0.00 for the ones that act fast and understand the benefits of doing so.”
That’s right $0.00 You pay nothing for the DVD set.

Well, what’s in
The DVD?

If you really want to know what’s the DVD is all about, just wait a couple more days and I’ll give you the website where you can read all about it.

I promise you I’ll let you know EXACTLY what you’re getting yourself into and what it is that you’re getting.


Very soon you will be able to get your hands on the DVD that literally changed the game for me as a strength and conditioning coach. If you’ve never seen the abs of some of the players that I’ve coached let me tell you what they look like. They look like abs of steel!!! Plain and simple. And now you are going to learn the EXACT exercises that I use and that you can use to in order to get your midsection tight, firm and sexilicious! (…and functional too)  :-)

Dedicated to your improvement,
Rhadi Ferguson, Ph.D., CSCS
2004 Olympian
Fitness Expert
World Class Strength Coach


Auto Date Thursday, October 29th, 2009

I just wanted to say “thank you” for reading my emails and my newsletters.

I understand that your time is limited and precious and when you can spare a minute or two to read what I’m sending you, I am truly grateful and to show you how much I want to give you the first dibs on my DVD coming on the 10th of November “Situps

From A to Z”.
I’m going to give you the chance to get it for phree!!
That’s right PHREE.

I am very excited about the release of this DVD and I want to let you know that this DVD will cover the exercises that I do with my general population clients all the way up to those that I train who are professional athletes.

The “Situps From A to Z” DVD Set will show you:

- The Most Effective Exercises To Turn Your Mid-section Muffin Top into Midsection of Muscle

- The Exercises That Provide The Abs With The Most Muscle Activation (so you can get the best bang for your buck)

- The Right Moves To Get Strong and Ripped

- The Best Functional Abdominal Exercises Known To Man

- The Right Exercises To Do All The Way From The Coach Potato Level To The Elite Athlete Level

- The Fat DESTROYING Moves That Will Have Your Body ‘beach ready’ in no time

This new DVD is not a DVD full of boring @$$ crunches and plain ole vanilla situps. This is the abdominal DVD of century.
If  you get this DVD and are not satisfied, I’ll buy it back from you. That’s how confident I am in this DVD.
So keep your eyes and ears open for my brand new DVD. “Situps From A to Z”
The regular price of the 2 Disc DVD Set “Situps from A to Z” will be $54.95, but on the 10th of November, until the 17th of  November, I’m letting it go for only F.-R-.-E-.E.

That’s it.

Take care and I’ll *see* you on November 10th.

Dedicated to your improvement,
Rhadi Ferguson, Ph.D., CSCS
2004 Olympian
Fitness Expert
World Class Strength Coach

[oodles of phree stuff] Great Training Manual, Quality Interview and Much More…

Auto Date Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

I have some phenomenal information
for you.

(phree training manual)

First, I’ve really been doing a
lot of studying and am learning
a great deal from Arthur Lydiyard.

If you’ve never done any research
on him and you train, coach or train
yourself, I would highly suggest that
you check him out.

His training philosophies are sound
and profound. As a matter of fact,
I’ve learned a lot from him over
the years.

Don’t get caught up in the sport
and it being about running. Really
read about his take on aerobic and
anaerobic conditioning. Very interesting.
I printed it out and filed it.



If you have not gotten your
Free video preview of “Pushups From
A to Z” you MUST do so immediately at

You will absolutely love these new exercises.


For those of you that don’t know,
I attended the Mixed Martial
Arts World Expo in October of 2009
It was fantastic.

I did a great interview with Eddie Goldman
and so did 1984 Olympic Gold Medallist
Mark Schultz. I believe you’ll love this.

You can listen to it here


Take care,

Rhadi Ferguson, Ph.D.,CSCS
2004 Olympian

5 Grappling Tips On How To Stay Young When Training With Youngsters

Auto Date Thursday, October 15th, 2009

As I get older, I find that my mind still wants to do the things that my body can no longer do.  I watched Bill Cosby on Jay Leno last night and during his standup set he said, “As you get older, thing that are supposed to be soft get hard and thing that should get hard, just stay soft.”  The crowd erupted in laughter and quite frankly I thought it was funny too.

But the reality of it was disheatening.  It’s true, as you get older, thing get a little bit stiffer, tighter and flexibility decreases. As a grappler, one that participates in BJJ, Judo, wrestling, or MMA, you need to know how to stay fit and keep yourself feeling “young” so that you can train with the youngsters.

Here’s 5 tips to help you do just that.

Tip #1
More Driling. Less Rolling

“More Drilling and Less Rolling” is BJJ talk for more drilling and less going “live”.  So often we want to go hard and just drill a little bit and start training.

Well, progress is gained through repetition and repetition is the currency that one must pay to become a champion.  As you get older, you have to increase the amount of practices where you just drill for 30 minutes to 60 minutes and get a quality sweat and a good practice in so that you can be sharper when its time for you to go “live”.

Tip #2
More Off The Mat Workout

That’s right. Increase your Off The Mat Workouts. Drill more, and then get off the mat and in the gym or the pool or a spinning class or a yoga class or a combination of those and/or something else active.  This will increase your fitness level and strength levels while creating a larger base for you to drill more and even harder and you will be able to improve without increasing the propensity for injury by increasing your amount of  “live” sessions.

Tip #3
Treat Yourself Like A Car
In The Winter And….Warmup

If you live in a place where it gets cold, you understand the importance of going out and warming up the car before driving it.  Well, don’t treat a machine better than you treat your own body. Allow yourself the opportunity to warm up as well. Before engaging in any activities, make sure you get a good lather of sweat built up and also make sure the body’s core temperature is warm. This will allow your ligaments and tendons to gain some much needed pliability as you begin your dynamic flexibility protocol. (uh-oh…. you don’t have one?  Well that leads us into Tip #4)

Tip #4
Make Sure You Have A Solid
Warmup Protocol (one that
has dynamic flexibility movements

There’s nothing like have a set warmup protocol that you can go to. It puts your mind at ease and let you know that when you are done warming up – YOU WILL be warm. Also it is important to make sure that you incorporate some dynamic flexibility.  Static stretching most certainly has its place in the spectrum of readiness, preparedness and cooling down, but there is nothing as beneficial as dynamic stretching before working out or competing.

Tip #5

That’s right.

Keep your competitive juices flowing by doing things like 5Ks, 10Ks, Masters grappling competitions, swimming meets, indoor rowing competitions.  Do it all. Don’t worry about being first. Be concerned with competing well, controlling your emotions and exploring new crosstraining opportunities.


That’s it. Take care. Enjoy and Happy Training.

Dedicated to your Improvement,

Rhadi Ferguson, Ph.D., CSCS

P.S. If you’d like some f.r.e.e. information on staying young and keeping fit when it comes to your training please visit so I can show you how you can maintain a great quality of life on the mat without all of the stress and strain.

P.P.S. You may also visit if you are ready to take that leap and move your fitness to the next level.

You’ve got to hear this!

Auto Date Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

I don’t know if you’ve heard this yet, but
I wanted to share it with you.

Whether you work with athletes or general fitness
clients, you’ve probably heard of Mike Boyle.

If you haven’t, he’s one of the most experienced
and successful strength and conditioning
coaches in the world.

I won’t try to cover everything he’s achieved
over the past 25 years of coaching, but believe
me, he’s good!

Well he just did an interview with another
elite coach, Alwyn Cosgrove, that he’s calling
the ‘State of the Strength and Conditioning

In the interview he gives his take on everything
from how to spot good trainers and bad trainers,
the role kettlebells, bands and equipment should
play in your coaching, why the best trainers
are the ones who change their programs more
often and the good, the bad and the ugly side
of marketing.

You might not agree with everything he says,
but if you’re a coach or trainer this is
something you simply *have* to hear.

Click here to check it out:



Dr. Rhadi  Ferguson, Ph.D., CSCS

P.S. Here is the link again for the State of the Strength &
Conditioning Industry:

Some FREEBIES Just For You

Auto Date Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

Here are a list of Freebies for you.

1. Here’s the audio file of the
teleseminar on “What’s Working Now:
How To Get Shredded and Ripped In
30 Days”

I had a difficult time trying to
restore my computer and get this
file. Luckily I was able to get in
touch with the company that did the
hosting for my teleseminar and they
had a copy of it. So here it is.

Number 1

Number 2

I have some great videos for you
to watch you. They are 100% p.h.r.e.e.
and you can watch them add them to your
current workout routine.

Number 3

If you have not already watched my
video “Working Out With Rhadi” which
is a great workout that you can do from
home and it is 100% phree, please
do so at


Take care and if you have any questions
just hit me at

Take Care,

Rhadi Ferguson, Ph.D., CSCS
2004 Olympian
World Class Strength Coach

Man Bench Presses and Almost Breaks his Neck

Auto Date Thursday, October 1st, 2009


This BLOG is sponsored

by “Pushups from A to Z”


You all know that I’m a big proponent of doing Pushups and various other exercises that give you a big bang

for your buck.

Now you will REALLY understand why I’m a big proponent

of such exercises. Not only because they’re inexpensive,

not only because they engage more muscle groups,

but most of all because its SAFE!!!

Sometimes the risk of a big huge bench, just isn’t worth the


Case in point…

Recently, a running back from USC was doing a bench

press workout and unfortunately the bar slipped from his

hand and crushed his neck and larynx.

The doctors say that he could have most certainly died.

He’s now in stable condition in the hospital, but still cannot


I know some of you are going to think that this is a freak

accident, but if you have children, any accident, freak or not

is too frequent and too risky.

Can you imagine how his mother’s heart dropped to the pit

of her stomach when she got the call about this accident?

Lawd-a-mercy! I couldn’t even imagine such a thing!

My wife and I immediately began to pray for this young man and his family when we heard this news.

I’m emailing you so that you can understand that safety is the


As a strength and conditioning professional, if I can possibly

prevent this or at least reduce the incidence of this happening

to you because you are now mixing more pushups into your workout

or different chest exercises, then I feel that this email has been

a success.

And remember, don’t ever say something cannot happen to you.

The reason why people call things “accidents” is because they

never planned for them to happen.

Please read this article and if you are a praying person. Please

pray for this young man’s recovery

Read this please!!

Take care and have a great day,

Dr. Rhadi Ferguson, Ph.D., CSCS

World Class Strength Coach

P.S. If you want to improve your bench press. Why not

try this on for size

Protect Your Neck With This “Fort Knox” Exercise

Auto Date Thursday, October 1st, 2009

If you want to make your neck as strong as
possible, you can certainly do that with the
pushup, or more specifically with my new
2 Disc DVD Set “Pushups from A to Z”

>>> <<<

I’m telling you right now that being able to
protect your neck as a grappler is very important.
With my new DVD, “Pushups from A to Z” I will
not only show you pushups from the basic level,
I will take you all the up to the professional level
and show you the exercises that I provide my
top levels clients.

As a matter of fact, in this video you will see
UWC lightweight champion Mike Easton perform
a the neck bridge pushup to perfection. This is the
type of functional neck strength that you want and
need to develop if you are going to committ to
doing combat and/or contact sports (i.e. football,
wrestling, judo, boxing, mma, etc.,.)

Enjoy the video and please make sure that you put
your name and email in the box provided so that
you can get on the VIP list and get a hold of my
new DVD “Pushups from A to Z”.

Take care have a great day.

Dedicated to your Improvement,

Rhadi Ferguson, Ph.D., CSCS
World Class Strengh Coach

P.S. My new video “Pushups from A to Z” will flood
your mind and mental library with numerous
possibilities of where you can take yourself and
your fitness level. I can’t wait until the 6th of October.
It is going to be phenomenal. And you will be able
to do it all for only $39.95, if you are on the VIP List.

2 Disc Set “Pushups from A to Z” for the special
VIP list price of $39.95
>>> <<<