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A-Rod was 1 out of 104

Auto Date Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

I hate to say that I told you so….. but “I told you so!”

Look, Taraje is right (  and I am right and A-Rod told you the truth.

A-Rod said that he used performance enhancing drugs because there was a lot of “PRESSURE” for him to perform when he signed his 10 year $252 Million dollar deal.

And guess what?

If he hit home runs, you cheer!!

If he doesn’t you miserable losers boo him.

You boo without the understanding of the pressure, without the understanding of what it feels like to be written about in the paper everyday and have your professional and personal life criticized.  And you know what? If he gets hurt, you demonize him and say, “He better play, he gets paid to play.”

So you know what he does……. He goes out there to make you happy. So that you can talk s–t around the water cooler at work, so that you can fan open the sports page on the toilet while sipping on your morning coffee and so you can go to your local Walmart and buy your favorite jersey and hat and then…… what do  you do when you find out the truth about what it takes for YOU TO BE ABLE TO enjoy the luxuries of winning?

You pitch a motherchumping fit!!!


It’s not FOOTBALL!
It’s not HOCKEY!
It’s not JUDO

It is BASEBALL. a sport where the only thing these guys are trying to do is increase their body’s torque so that they can hit the ball farther.

IT’S ONLY BASEBALL. You can just imagine the things that go on in the other sports.

PLEASE LET ME ASSURE YOU THAT I AM ONE OF THE STRONGEST people (when I was competing) that I’ve ever seen in sport and there are people that I lined up against that literally threw me around like a rag doll.

Come on people.  The bottom line is this…. There aren’t many CLEAN “great ones”  but the public NEEDS to believe that their are because we have to teach MERITOCRACY TO THE KIDS.

We have to teach “hard work” and “fair play” and I believe in these concepts WHOLEHEARTEDLY!!!!

And I DO NOT BELIEVE NOR CONDONE DRUG USE…. but I do understand it and I understand how it can happen.

I’ve seen athletes from other countries who have the choice of living a life of poverty or helping their family move out of a low income region and into a home where they have food, decent housing and access to better schools, if they are willing to put their bodies on the line.  This means that if they don’t perform, their family does not eat.

To be quite honest, many of us are in that situation. If we don’t perform, we don’t eat.  However, the pressure for some of us to perform is quite different and somewhat self-manufactured.

Doing the right thing all the time is certainly noteworthy….. it just doesn’t pay the bills all the time nor win Championships which brings in jobs and money to a city.    ;-)

Remember, A-Rod had a city on his shoulders. When he signed his contract, more workers at the stadium were hired, money was brought to the  city through and increase of ticket sales, parking lots around the stadium flourished, popcorn and hot dog sales went up…. etc.,.

Don’t be mad with A-Rod.

If you want A-Rod to give his money back, then ALL OF YOU WHO BENEFITED OFF OF A-ROD should give your money back too. ESPN, Sports Illustrated, the parking lot attendant, Ticketmaster, the mom and pop shop that ran the sale when he signed, EVERYBODY.

Stop pointing the finger at A-Rod.  Hell, HE WAS 1 OF 104 people that got popped for performance enhancing drugs in baseball.  1 of 104!!!  And remember……. its ONLY baseball.

I’m so sorry to break this news to you, but you need to know and you need to stop finger pointing and be okay with today’s sporting environment.

NBC, ABC, FOX, ESPN, etc… don’t put people like you and me on television everyday. You know why?  Because WE ARE REGULAR people.  What we want to see on television is EXTRA-ordinary people. If we want to see regular people, then we watch reality television.  When we watch sports, we want to see people do things that we know are unbelievable. Hell we even say it…. “That’s catch was unbelievable!”  or “AMAZING!!!! I can’t believe that happened??!?!?”   Well, it really didn’t, but it did.

Oh one more thing.

Lance Armstrong is CLEAN!!!!  :-)

Take care and have a great day,

Coach Ferguson

P.S.  Chump Repellent. Get it now and remove your Inner Chump!  You need to start thinking clearly


Stimulus Package ‘Insider Information’

Auto Date Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

2009 Stimulus

2009 Stimulus Package

2009 Stimulus Package


Whether you are a republican or a democrat it doesn’t really matter.

What Obama said is 100%.  “We have to act”

Right now YOU have to act.


2009 Stimulus Package

2009 Stimulus Package


You have to stimulate your personal pocketbook by making quality decisions about your life.

Check me out.

Do you know that…..

- Living a healthier life will actually save you money. People who are healthier on average go to the doctors less and end up saving oodles of money during their twilight years which they can pass on to their loved ones

- People who take care of their health tend to have lower dental problems due to the amount of sugar which they avoid

- People who exercise are infectuous and usually inspire others to exercise and thus help their friends save time and money while adding years to their life.
So what are you waiting for? >>>  <<<

2009 Stimulus

2009 Stimulus Package

2009 Stimulus Package

I’m trying to save you money, time and add years onto your life and I can literally save you $500.00 smackaroos!

That’s right.

By getting on The Backyard Workout today right now and dropping your monthly gym membership, which will also cut out your gas cost and allow you to save time, you will in actually put
$500.00 bucks in your pocket.

Don’t believe me?

Here’s how….

Gas cost for working out.. GONE!
Time lost traveling to the gym…..GONE!
Time spent looking for equipment and waiting for equipment….GONE!
Time lost because you’ve hurt yourself from working out incorrectly…..GONE!

Look, get The Backyard Workout today and allow one of the World Best Strength and Conditioning coaches to take you by the hand and help you lose (w-e-i-g-h-t) while you fatten up your pocket.

Take care,

Rhadi Ferugson
2004 Olympian

P.S. Check out this video….

I can tell you that a failure to act will only deepen this crisis

2009 Stimulus

2009 Stimulus Package

2009 Stimulus Package

Here’s An Easy Stability Ball Exercise Just For You

Auto Date Thursday, February 5th, 2009

4 Things That Can
Change Any Workout

One of my favorite exercise protocols is one that I use as a warm up and that I use as a full blown workout. I can make it a workout for the anterior side of the body by changing up the 4 things that you can change to alter any workout. Those 4 things are: the load, the reps, the sets, or reps.

You can take any workout, protocol or exercise and completely alter it without changing one exercise by manipulating any one of those 4 variables.

The Fab 5

This protocol is one that I learned from a colleague and good friend of mine JC Santana. JC is the owner and director of the Institute of Human Performance ( in Boca Raton, Florida and he is a superb trainer and strength coach. I learned a great deal from him during my career as I am sure many individuals in the profession of strength and conditioning have. I am glad to say that I took his advice and allowed innovation and ingenuity to be my guide and I have taken my training to the next level since being introduced to him through VHS tape in 2001.

The name of this Protocol is called the Fab 5. It is a great protocol that works the anterior side of the body. It is a GREAT protocol and I use it as a workout and when I do I increase the rep range to 20 reps and I do 3 sets of 3. That’s 3 sets of the 5 exercises non-stop and then I rest and repeat that another two time.

I also use it as a warm up for client and will do anything from 5 to 12 reps of each exercise.

Here’s the protocol.

Have fun with it and remember – NEVER PERFORM THE EXERCISES in a circuitous fashion until you have fully mastered each exercise.

Just to let you know, this protocol as well as many others that I’ve learned, invented, created and constructed as well as a simple beginners workout can be found on the 2 Disc DVD Set of The Total Body Workout ( )

Take care. Enjoy the protocol and have a great day.

Rhadi Ferguson (a.k.a. “The Strength and Conditioning King”)

Just get rid of it and start making money

Auto Date Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

Don’t Save Money
Make Money

Look at your key chain and you’ll see that gym membership thingy hanging on there. Get rid of it. I know, I know. You like the gym, but check me out here.

I can promise you right now that you can get in better shape without ever stepping foot inside of a gym.  I promise.

I’ve completed full marathons and half marathons and didn’t go into the gym to prepare for either one. I saved money, stayed fit and fine and will continue to do so.  Now I do go into a gym occasionally, I’m not going to lie, but I DON’T PAY.  Why? Well, being an Olympian has its advantages (it has its disadvantages to, believe me, the knee surgeries and shoulder surgeries aren’t looked at as added benefits).

Right now get rid of your gym membership and immediately put money in your pocket.

Right now STOP eating out for the next 90 days and immediately put more money in your pocket.

Invest in The Total Body Workout
And start training for a half marathon today.

Yes! A ½ Marathon

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO RUN NOT ONE STEP! You can walk it. My father, mother, aunt, cousin and 3 clients of mine have all walked half marathons. My wife and I walk/run them and right now I have another cousin and another friend of the family getting ready to do a ½ marathon in the next 5 weeks.

You can do it. And when you couple it with the simple and easy progressions of the Total Body Workout you will see exactly what I’m talking about when the layers of unwanted belly “extraneous” (not gonna use the “F” word. We’ll just say “extraneous”) start to automatically disappear.

If you want to know the walking and walk/run program that I use for half marathon, just email at and put in the subject line “Rhadi gimme that program” and I’ll send it over to you.

I’m telling you right now. I can help you and help you save money in the process. Look if these people can do this…

So can you.

Don’t allow the recession to cause a depression.

Free up your time, free up your money and free up yourself. There’s a wonderful new world out there waiting for you to experience it. I promise you that the gym will be there when you get back. It’s not going anywhere.  Try something new. Something that I KNOW WORKS!

Get The Total Body Workout Today. Heck its only $1 to try it out.

Take care,

Rhadi Ferguson (a,k,a, “The Strength And Conditioning King”)