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Get the “One Thing” You NEED here

Auto Date Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

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I told you that today was THE DAY for you to find out what THE ONE THING is that I discovered a couple of years ago.

This one thing has allowed me to achieve a great deal and high levels of success.

Please get The One Thing in your life and I’ll *talk* with you tomorrow.

Take care,

Rhadi Ferguson
2004 Olympian
4-Time National Judo Champion

Here’s How To Escape Criticism

Auto Date Tuesday, April 29th, 2008


Yesterday I told you about the ONE THING that I learned a couple of years ago and many of you have been emailing me and telling me what they believed the “One Thing” is. As a matter of fact, I received an email from Xavier in Louisiana and here’s what he said:

“Coach Ferguson, I already know what the ONE THING is. You mentioned it in your DVD set The Grind. And you talk about it all the time.  They key to being good is REPETITION!  To be a champion, you have to pay the price through repetition. That is exactly what you said. Coach, I watched The Grind everyday when I received it, now I watch it once a week and keep going through the DVDs and Audio CDs to stay sharp. You are inspirational to say the least and you’ve changed my life and how
I do brazilian jiujitsu. I also got my wife involved in a little self defense class so we can spend more time together by being at the dojo at the same time. Now we can ride back and forth to practice together. We can get in more communication REPETITION. That has helped my relationship tremedously. Coach, let me know if I’m right. Take care, Xavier”


Well, Xavier was right in that REPETITON is super IMPORTANT. And it is the currency that must be paid in order to become a champion or at least have a chance at becoming a champion. And The Grind is a superb product for anyone who is interested in seeing exactly how I put everything together in competition. It is where you can see how I put the sequencing, the strategy, the grips, the jiujitsu, the judo, EVERYTHING!  It is how I did it. The Grind is absolutely superb and there is some great information available on the audio CDs as well, but that isn’t it. However if you are a judo player or a BJJ player I’m telling you right now that you should have The Grind in your product library. If you do BJJ or Judo, on Wednesday, you will know exactly why. If you are ready to get The Grind today, please visit and get your copy today

Here’s How To Escape

You all hear me say all the time that you should tell critics to “take a hike”.

People who criticize are usually doing so because they aren’t the ones who are doing the work.
If you are working, you have very little time or energy to criticize.

But for those of you who are concerned about criticism and want to get rid of it, here’s what you can do.


That’s right!

If you say nothing, do nothing and are resolved to be nothing – the CRITICISIZING will stop.

I guarantee it. So if you are going to become a champion, guess what?

You are going to have to get used to and become immuned to – CRITICISM.

Tell critics to “take a hike”.

And have a great day.

Take care,

Rhadi Ferguson
2004 Olympian
4-Time National Judo Champion

P.S. Don’t forget to look out for my email on Wednesday on THE ONE thing!!!

The ONE THING You Need To Be Successful

Auto Date Monday, April 28th, 2008


Since spring is here, we are deep down in the middle of our spring cleaning process.

Therefore, my has given the mandate that some of my favorite things, “MUST GO!” because they are taking up space.

I usually hate spring cleaning and wish I could “outsource” it, but you can’t. You can outsource some cleaning and tidying of your house, but the spring cleaning must be done by you. For only you know what’s trash and what’s a “keeper.”

Well, in going through my stuff, I ran through a lot of old books, magazine articles, newspaper clippings and jotted down notes and I saw a a piece of paper that I had scribble on years ago when I was still competing. It read, “There is ONLY one key to winning. FIND IT!”

I’m really not sure how I came up with that conclusion.

I guess it’s because as a student and a scholar I have adopted the reductionist theory as well as the Law of Succintness which is and was greatly influenced by a Franciscan friar William of Ockham.  As a matter of fact Ockman had a theory which can be paraphrased as “All things being equal, the simplest solution is the best.”

Thus I pretty much concluded at that time, to do away with all of the BS and get straight to the point.

There had to be ONE THING that allowed Muhammad Ali to be “The Greatest”, that allowed Roy Jones, Jr to be “The Best Pound For Pound Champion Ever”, that allowed Pete Sampras to be one of the best to ever swing a racket……. there had to be ONE THING that allows people to reach high levels of success in their personal life,
in business, in sport and in their finances.

As an athlete, I didn’t have all day to sift through the “little things”  I had to find the ONE THING and make sure that I paid attention to it every day.

The One Thing

I know some of you are thinking that you know what this “One Thing” is, but I assure you, it’s not what you think it is.

IT IS NOT The Law of Attraction!
— Goodness gracious, I’m so tired about hearing about the Law of Attraction. Now don’t get me wrong…. it is a LAW and it does work, but this is not the ONE THING that I figured out which helped me make the Olympic Team in 2004

IT IS NOT Watching What Other Successful People Do and then Do that!!
— Don’t get me wrong, that advice is SUPER helpful, but that ain’t it.
— It’s more POWERFUL than that and a lot more simple

IT IS NOT about getting the best strength coach, life coach, sport coach
— Those thing truly help. Believe me when I tell you that EVERY extraordinary person who has achieved great success, has a coach.

IT IS NOT “working smarter and not harder”
— That is good, but that ain’t it.

I totally forgot about how I came up with this One Thing or how I recognized it but it is the “golden thread” that weaves my life together.

At April 30th

I will provide you with a website where you can go and listen to the “ONE THING” that I learned and how it influenced the creation of one of my best selling products that is now in over 47 countries since its creation.

A couple of years ago, I wouldn’t have called myself an authority on Coaching and Training, but now I have no problem with doing so. I’ve sat across the table, observed and spoken with some of the worlds best athletes and coaches and I’m here to tell you that I know for a fact that I’m one of the best. And I think that I’m albe to say that because I took the time, years ago to find out – THE ONE thing that would put me in that special population, that 3% of those who make it and those who don’t.


In the past 6 months, I’ve completed 2 marathons, 4 half marathons, I helped families and individuals change their lives for the better, I’ve taken my marriage from GREAT to FANTASTIC and my family life from SUPER to SUPERB!  And I’ve been able to do it because I’ve applied the ONE THING that I learned years ago when I was an athlete.

Please, I’m begging you. Do not miss out on what I have to share with you on the 30th of April on Wednesday. I want you to be able to do well, get well and get what you DARN well deserve!

Take care,

Rhadi Ferguson
2004 Olympian
4-Time National Judo Champion

Re: Yesterday’s Video and Rhadi TV

Auto Date Thursday, April 24th, 2008


First and foremost, thanks so much for the great feedback that some of you provided about the new video that I put up yesterday.

I just wanted to let you know that if you ever miss any one of my videos that I put up every week you can still access the video by visiting my internet television site at

You can visit there and see every video that I have available. Every new episode of and the Exercise Of The Week will be added there. So make sure  you stop by and visit today.


The Total Body Workout is a “HIT”.  “Rhadi, thanks so much for The Total Body Workout. I was really looking for something that I can do at home and in the gym

and this has been exactly what I was looking for.  Just like you do, I’ve gotten my whole family involved. My wife and I are much fitter and in better shape. We’ve both lost weight and we feel great. Please let me know what I need to get next.

I’m thinking that I should stay with this for a while then get your Dumbbell Workout. Thanks a lot Rhadi”

- Daniel Kinchen

The Total Body Workout is a great workout.  For only a $1 investment you can get The Total Body and try it for 30 days. If you like it, keep it and then pay for it and if you don’t then send it back and get you $1 dollar back. It’s that simple.


Take care and have a great day. And remember, in order to look good in the summer……

You’ve gotta do the work now.  –>

Take care,

Rhadi Ferguson (a.k.a. “The Strength And Conditioning King”
2004 Olympian
4-Time National Judo Champion

Psst, Here’s A Video for you

Auto Date Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008


I receive questions all the time at and now it’s my turn to give you back what you’ve given me.

Every week, I’m going to provide you with a video and answer the questions which you’ve asked. I

Here’s your first video. Well because it’s the first one, I’ve got two videos for you.

Video 1

How To Take Your Training To The Next Level — Ask Rhadi Webisode One

Video 2
How To Beat The Sugar Cravings — Ask Rhadi Webisode Two


I certainly hope that you enjoyed the video for this week.

Take care,

Rhadi Ferguson
2004 Olympian

P.S. If you have any more questions please visit

3 Cardio Mistakes That The Chumps Make

Auto Date Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008


Personally, I don’t go to the gym that much anymore.

I don’t have a gym membership, but the when I get on the mat to practice sometimes, I see people doing cardio and making some huge mistakes.

I know they want to get benefits, but you can’t become a Champion in certain areas when you bring Chump type behaviors to the table.

You have to drop the Chump behaviors to eliminate the Chump Moments.

–> Discover How To Eliminate Chump Moments & How To Become A Champion Today –>

3 Cardio Mistakes
That You MUST

Mistake Number #1

If you are going to actually workout, then PLEASE do the workout. Don’t bring lazy behavior into the workout environment.

STOP LEANING ON THE HANDLEBARS OF THE ELLIPTICAL MACHINE, THE TREADMILL OR THE STAIRMASTER. It is ruining your workout. The workout is no longer serving the full purpose for which it was intended. You are supposed to provide some emphasis on your legs – your lower body. But here you are, trying to find an “easy way” to work out. Deal with it. Its only 30 minutes. If you are having a problem with the speed at which you are working, then turn the equipment down a notch or two, but don’t lean on the bars and fool yourself into believing you are working out at a level which is only an aberration.

Here’s what you can do to fix this problem:
- Keep and upright with your head high and your chest out with your shoulders back
- If you are on a piece of equipment that has moving handles, then hold them either at or below shoulder level so that you don’t find yourself “holding on”

Mistake #2

NOT PAYING ATTENTION (more specifically looking at you feet instead of console on the treadmill)

Even though you aren’t aware of it, many of you make this mistake. While running on the treadmill, you look down at your feet instead of looking at the console. This mistake can injure you because you could trip, run into the console or trip and fall off of the treadmill

Here’s what you can do to fix this problem:
- Look at the console instead of the floor

Mistake #3

Riding the bike WRONG!

Don’t Only Work Your Quads and Forget About Working Your Hamstrings

When you are riding the bike in the gym, I know you know about pushing the pedals but don’t forget about “pulling” the pedals as well. The people who go to cycling class and who are cyclists understand the importance of also “pulling” the pedals. Don’t miss out on the powerful glute and hamstring building benefis you get from “pulling” the pedals.

Here’s what you can do to fix this problem:
- Use Foot straps or wear cycling shoes
- Act like you are scraping the ground with the bottom of your shoe uring the downward stroke
- When you are pushing with your right foot you should be pulling with your left.


I’m not a big “go to the gym” type guy but I know that some of you go and that some of you have a gym at work and thus it is important for me to give the advice that you need in order to excel.

I hope that this advice is helpful. Pass it on to your friends and remember, if you have any questions please feel free to go to and I’ll answer your questions as soon as possible.

Take care,

Rhadi Ferguson (a.k.a. “The Strength And Conditioning King”)
2004 Olympian
4-Time National Judo Champion

P.S. Tomorrow I have a huge announcement for you.

You’re gonna love it. Look out for my email tomorrow.

I have a CONFESSION to make….

Auto Date Monday, April 21st, 2008


I figured since the Pope was in America this week, there’s no better time than now to confess and tell you all the truth.

I’m not Catholic, but I’m not going to let that minor issue stop me, I’m gonna confess anyway.

So, here it goes.

(deep breath, followed by and uncomfortable gulp) :-/


That’s right. I’m a Junkie.

I’m an addict and I have been now for years.

My son’s birthday celebration was this weekend. His birthday is really on the 5th of April, but we’ve been so busy that we had to plan it on the 19th of April and this weekend, I backslid HARD!

For those of you that did not know, I’m a CAKE AND ICE CREAM JUNKIE!! :-)

That right. I’m a hard core addict and I KNOW I have a problem.

So what do I do?

If You Are An Addict
The First Step Is…

Well, first and foremost, the first thing that you must do as an addict is recognize and ADMIT that you have a problem. Some people have a problem with smoking, some are addicted to food, some are addicted to sex, some can’t stop drinking. I have two major addictions. One is Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and the other is Cake and Ice Cream. I’ve been able to “kick” the Krispy Kreme habit, but the “cake and ice cream” is something that I’m still dealing with.

So the first thing that I had to do is admit it.

The SECOND THING and the most important thing that I have to do is to make sure that I make all of my “I know I have a problem and I’m an addict meetings”.

So because I knew this weekend I was going to be tempted by the “cake and ice cream” I got up early in the morning at 5am and went to “my meeting” with my wife.

The Importance
of Going To Your

I know that I have a problem so, I make sure to go to “my meetings”. This weeking my meeting consisted of a 10.5 mile run with my wife. We ran to a park by where we live, registered for a 5K race (3.1 miles), completed the race and then ran back home. All together we trekked 10.5 miles and then when I got home, I ran through one quick set of my at home workout called “The Body Weight Workout” –>

Because I know I’m an addict, I make sure that I go to my “meetings” at least 4 times a week. Sometimes my meetings consists of weights, dumbbells, bodyweight exercises, running, lifting or just some stretching, but whatever the case, I go to my meetings. If you would like to see what one of my meetings looks like then I would recommend that you go here –>
You will discover that the more that you “attend” your “meetings” the better off you will be, ONLY IF YOU ADMIT that you have a problem.

Be Honest……..
You’re A Junkie

Hey, If you’re really honest, you will have to confess that YOU ARE A JUNKIE TOO! Even though you may kicked a bad habit, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to “fight” the urge all the time. And for those who are challenged by their relapses, to you I say, “US JUNKIES HAVE GOT TO STICK TOGETHER!” So let’s get together soon so we can kick our habit in the arse and not let it kick us in ours. :-)


Come on and lets kick all of our bad fitness habits by “attending the meetings” together!


I admitted my problem…..

Have You?

‘Fess up and let’s get started. Get the DVD The Body Weight Workout for yourself or for a friend today.

Let’s get in some great shape, kick our bad habits in the butt and seriously get our bodies ready for the summer ;-)

Best of all, it’s F.R.E.E.

Take care,

Rhadi Ferguson (a.k.a. “The Strength And Conditioning King”)

P.S. Don’t hesitate. Admit you have a problem and then do something about it today!


Here’s The Quickest Way To Ruin Workout Plan

Auto Date Thursday, April 17th, 2008

Just OPEN your mouth……….
and put the wrong thing in it.

I know you’ve said these things before, I have too:

“But it’s just one bite…”

“Just a dab’ll do me…”

“I bet I CAN eat just one…”

“I just need to ‘taste’ it, just on time”

Do excuses like this sound dangerously familiar?

If you’re constantly attempting to justify your snacking habits, you could be in BIG trouble!

That’s because the truth of the matter is simple (and perhaps a bit scary…)


The fact is, those nibbles and bites start adding up, and a LOT faster than you think.


Because we usually don’t take those bites into account.

We sneak one here, snack one there, and then we forget about it and act like it never happened. Sometimes, we even do it AGAIN! Then, when dinner rolls around, we eat our typical portions, and – before we know it – we’re ingesting hundreds more calories than we THINK we are.

We like to call this habit “grazing” and it’s just about the most dangerous thing you can do to your diet!

Sometimes “just one bite” of a decadent dessert can have more calories than a full-sized portion of a much more sensible snack!

Little bits of bad foods are still drowning in calories, which is bad enough. What’s worse is that tiny portions aren’t large enough to actually raise your metabolism, so – in the long run – every little bit gets stored as fat.

And, since you’re not “counting” those calories, the reality doesn’t set in until you hop on the scale or can’t button your jeans.

But, grazing is dangerous for another reason as well. Sneaking bites when no one’s looking sets the stage for more cravings for sinful snacks, later in the day.

It only takes 3,500 calories to make one pound of fat (picture?). And when you’re munching on high-calorie treat like the ones we used for the little quiz below, and 3,500 extra calories doesn’t take long AT ALL!

Just one or two of these nasty nibbles each day EASY translate into an extra pound a month. Do you really want to gain an extra 12 pounds this year – maybe more?

Is a bite TRULY worth it?

Starve your Inner Chump with these tried and true Champ strategies –

• When the munchies set in, be ready! Stock your fridge with ready-made, sugar-free snacks like Jello™ pudding to keep the calories under control.
• Keep crunchy foods like almonds on hand. While almonds ARE high in fat, it’s the good kind. It actually triggers your body to feel full…
• Fresh fruits are ALWAYS a safe bet!

Play around with healthy food combinations until you can easily eat a mix of good carbs, proteins and healthy fats every two or three hours. Not only will you find that your cravings go away, but so will those extra pounds!

Here’s A Little Bit of
Fun Trivia For You

But before you go – take this quick quiz…

Guess How Many Calories Per “Bite”…

“Frightful Bite-Fulls”

How Many Calories?
1 One Bite of Pre-packaged Apple Pie
2 One Fried Chicken Wing (meat & skin)
3 A Mouthful of Chocolate Cupcake
4 A One Inch Cube of Brie Cheese
5 A Bite of Homemade Brownies (from scratch)
6 A Single Chocolate-Hazlenut Truffle Ball
7 One Lone Reese’s™ Peanut Butter Cup
8 One Bite of Fast Food Chocolate Chip Cookie

1. 69
2. 61
3. 86
4. 57
5. 66
6. 79
7. 88
8. 56.5


If you want to find out what to eat and get a good workout program then get your hands on The BackYard Workout today –>

And if you have a problem with taking one bite here and one bit there, then what you really need is a good spray of Chump Repellent –>

Take care and good luck,

Rhadi Ferguson (a.k.a. “The Strength and Conditioning King”) –> go to this website for your F.R.E.E. ebooks.

Here are the 5 Ways To Win The War Against Flab

Auto Date Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

You’ve got to understand that obesity is on the attack.

It’s coming after all of us.

You probably already know someone in your family who it has attacked, or worse yet, you may be a casualty of an obesity attack yourself.

No problem.

It’s not your fault, or theirs either.

Who can fault you for losing a battle when no one has given you the weapons or the training in order to be successful?

No one! So don’t let anybody point the finger, because they don’t have the right to.

But……. I’m not going to let you or the people you know off the hook.

Here are 5 Ways To Win The War Against Flab.

Once you read this, pass it on to someone in the office, someone else you know, and someone that needs to read this. If you stick to these 5 things they will make a difference in your “bottom” line and your “waist”-line.

1. Before you start, STOP and Take A Good Look At Yourself And Your Situation – Get REAL!

Wanna know the best way to sabotage your success?

Unrealistic expectations! Don’t try to go from nothing to running a marathon, or do something like wake up tomorrow morning and say, “That’s eat, I’m not eating anymore carbs!”

Before you can start setting your fitness goals, you need to figure out where you are. Then you need to determine where you want to be. What’s standing in your way?

Let’s break that down… Where are you now?

What do you weigh?

Now, where do you WANT to be?

Nothing happens overnight, BUT change does.

and anyone who says otherwise is trying to sell you something!

It’s gonna take time, and you need to understand that from the get-go!

The big picture says you can’t rely on one exercise, trick or solution. You need a comprehensive approach that pays attention to details – even details you might prefer to overlook.

This is why I recommend the Backyard Workout so strongly –>

Which brings us to…


Fitness consistency can be pretty confusing… Maybe that’s because we’re consistently building BAD habits! Blame it on what you will, but if you DON’T deal with it, you’ll NEVER get the results you’re after.

Here’s how “consistency” usually plays out…

Monday through Friday, you stick to the plan… You exercise, you eat right – you’re committed to the cause.

And then, the weekend rolls around…

You’re so proud of yourself (or, perhaps, so hung-over) that you start to let things slip. You sneak a bite here, slack off there and – before you know it – every step forward is chased by another step back.

Is it any wonder you’re not making any progress?!

It’s like planning a road trip across a slew of states, but every time you make it to the county line, you have to head back to the house to pick up something you forget!

The point is, it takes a LOT of work to cut 3,500 calories (one pound of fat) a week from your diet. Unfortunately, you can EASILY consume an EXTRA 3,500 calories in no time, with virtually NO effort. A slice of cake here, a piece of brie cheese there and a frosty from Wendy’s and BOOM! you’ve done it. You’ve sabotaged your program.

Without consistency, you’re shooting yourself in the foot EVERY TIME!

If you commit to (and actually stick to) a 30 day plan of 5 days of fitness training and 7 days of eating right EACH and EVERY week, you’re destined to see results.

If you take fitness SERIOUSLY, it’s all or nothin’! If you don’t give it you all, all of the time – you’ll wind up with nothing to show for it!

My next secret, however, just might surprise you…

3. Less Ab Work, More Strength Work & More Cardio!

Bear with me now… There’s a big fitness myth that says that to banish belly fat and flab, you’ve got to slave away at core-focused exercises at the expense of ALL else. The reality, though, is that a bounty of body fat in your midsection isn’t going to magically disappear with crunches and side bends if you’re not BURNING (aka aerobic) the layer of fat that’s engulfing your waistline!

The best way to accomplish that is fat-burning cardiovascular exercise and a sound nutritional program.

Don’t get me wrong – having a strong, solid core IS important. But don’t get rooked by every late night infomercial you see either.

Cracking out extra crunches is NOT going to burn more fat than an extra 20-30 minutes on the treadmill!

So, quit searching for a shortcut and start burning that fat the old fashioned way!

See how easy it is with The Backyard Workout –>

4. Get Passionate!

Greet fitness goal-setting with excitement and enthusiasm! There’s something to be said for the principle of “mind over matter.”

Shaving off the inches and pounds around your midsection is just as much about your mindset as it does on the exercises you perform.

I hate to resort to clichés, but if you fail to plan, it’s the same thing as planning to fail. Goals help you chart the course. Without a clear framework of what you need to accomplish (and when), it’s too easy to keep procrastinating life away.

If you don’t set goals or you don’t set definite (realistic) deadlines, you’ll keep on telling yourself, “This can just wait until tomorrow.”

And don’t just set one BIG goal, set a series of smaller goals that culminate in your final achievement. This is essential because it allows you to create a set of checkpoints (and rewards) to keep you motivated along the way.

Since fat burning precedes targeted core work-outs, a realistic goal would be losing 2 pounds a week. While this sounds like a small number, in three months, you’ll have lost 24 pounds!

Look my aunt did it, my dad has done it, I’ve had plenty of clients do it and you can do it too. I’m telling you right now, YOU CAN DO IT!

So, set a goal, pick a date and get started! Don’t wait for January 1st, your resolution begins when you say it does, not on January 1st.

5. Get Your Portions Under Control!

This is the last thing but the most important thing.

Sure, you’ve heard this one hundreds of times… But how many times have you actually (consistently) put it into practice?

Here’s what you need to do…

First, quit testing
your willpower.

Your aren’t as strong as you think! (heck, I’m not either) Therefore, don’t put yourself in situations where you can’t win.

Restaurants are perhaps the most dangerous enemies portion control has!

Whether you realize it or not, most restaurant portions are three to four times larger than they should be!

That means one plateful can easily equal three or more meals, as far as calories are concerned!

So save those restaurants for special occasions! And when you do go, ask for the relevant nutritional information BEFORE you order. Voila! NO more excuses…

When you’re home (or at the office) you can keep your portions under control by preparing and storing your meal items in small 8-10 ounce food containers. Then, keep them in reach – closer than you keep the chips and the remote…

Then, instead of trying to run on just three meals a day, try switching to 4-6 smaller meals, spread throughout the day.

Not only will you find that you’re less hungry, but your body will actually utilize the calories you DO consume more efficiently…

If you’re looking for a miracle, you came to the wrong place. But, if you’re looking for a solid, tried and true strategy for – strong enough to build a lifetime of lasting health hand fitness – I’m your man. And if you are looking for a PROGRAM, not a workout, but a program that includes the workout, the di-et, and differing intensity levels for where you are then The Backyard Workout is where you need to start –> et

Put these five simple strategies into place for thirty days straight and the results will speak for themselves…

See for yourself!

Take care and Good luck,

Rhadi Ferguson (a.k.a. “The Strength And Conditioning King”)

Here’s How To Fight the Flab!

Auto Date Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

Are you fed up with your fitness (or the lack thereof)?

Does the mere thought of all the money you’ve wasted on “ground-breaking” new ab equipment leave you green around the gills?

I’m willing to bet that a few of you even went so far as to start “shocking” your way to a six-pack…..trying to do more than your body can handle in one or two workouts, only to quit because you darn near put yourself in the hospital from the pain you’re in.

The point is, you’ve jumped through ALL of the hoops:

You’ve subscribed to DOZENS of different magazines and other periodicals…

a. Read hundreds of articles

b. Committed to COUNTLESS diets…

c. Devised a SLEW of ab-specific routines, and…

d. All of the above!

But – despite all of your efforts – somethings missing. You don’t know what it is, exactly, but you know that something has got to give… and SOON!

That’s what you want to know, right?

More importantly, you want to know what makes MY advice different or better than what you’ve heard and learned in the past.

I’m not here to give you another workout… but exercise is key to be successful and here’s none better than The Total Body Workout

I’m not here to re-write the book on fitness – I’m just here to bring to your attention some of the most important parts that far too many people just breeze through or skim over.

Fitness success isn’t just a physical feat – it requires mental mastery as well. You need a well structured PROGRAM!

Everyone is rushing to offer five exercises or five supplements or five menu plans designed “whittle away your middle”, but fewer so-called fitness “experts” arm their charges with the mental strategies that not only make success possible – they make it last!

Don’t let yourself get boxed into too rigid of a structure… When you’re trying to bust belly fat (and really, attacking fitness in general), success is more about having the right approach and mental attitude than it is to adopt a super specific plan.

So, open your eyes and your mind and let’s declare war on belly fat!

To start the war on b.e.l.l.y f.a.t. the first thing that you need is a program.

The best program to get on the path to getting it off after “putting it on” is The Backyard Workout.

Take care,

Rhadi Ferguson

P.S. Get started today –>

P.P.S. Look out for my next email on the 5 Way To Win The War Against Flab