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My Favorite Training Tool To Date

Auto Date Thursday, January 31st, 2008

Introduction: The
Best Training Device
I’ve used… To date!

The ABSOLUTE best training device that I’ve purchased to date is the Garmin Personal GPS system. This doggone thing is AWESOME!!!!

It measures your heart rate, it logs your mileage, calculates the calories burned, it logs where you’ve been and tells you your pace.

It does more, but the best thing is this…

When you’re finished running, you hook it up to your computer and it downloads your workout and gives you charts, graphs, worksheets and all kinds of stuff. It tells you how far you’ve gone, it lets you know your time per mile, and your heart rate during EACH point during your run.

It does so much that I can’t really explain everything because I just started using mine a couple of weeks ago when I started training for my marathon. But it is PHENOMENAL. It doesn’t matter if your run long distance or sprint, it is absolutely fabulous!!!

The model that I have is the Garmin 305. I’ve already instructed one of my Olympian clients to get one so that he can export his sprint times and send them to me. That way and can monitor how many calories he burned and make sure the runs are done on the right day, at the right time. It is absolutely worth its weight in Gold!!

I also recommend it for my clients who train with me and aren’t necessarily in the same city.

This allows them to send me all of their workout data that is saved in and by the watch. It is an absolute excellent piece of equipment.

I also use it when I workout out all the time.

Take care.

Your Humble Servant,

Rhadi Ferguson (aka The Strength and Conditioning King)

P.S. Remember if you don’t already have The Body Weight Workout its F~REE.


Testoterone and New DVD… You Gotta Read This!

Auto Date Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

Your Questions Answered

Here’s an answer to some of the questions
that I’ve received.

If you are interested in getting your questions
answered please submit them to

Thank you.

Question From Stan:

Dear Rhadi:

I’m 44 years old and I just cannot seem to get the
definition that I had when I was younger. I run, I
lift and I just can’t seem to get cut up like I
was when I was wrestling in college.”

Stan “The Old Guy”

Answer From The Strength And
Conditioning King:

First of all Stan, let me commend me you for working

Hey “Stan The Man” what you’re experiencing is normal.
And to be quite honest in some cases, expected.
Naturally as you increase in age, your testosterone
levels will slightly decline. This happens with ageing.

There are various doctors in the country who prescribe
things such as Human Growth Hormone and testosterone
cream for individuals who are increasing in age. The King
does not recommend the use of such drug by individuals
in sport but the King does recommend that you and the
others reading this, should see your physician regularly
and follow the advice and recommendation.

Another thing Sir Stan is that don’t abandon the Squat,
the Leg Press and the Deadlift if you want to keep
your testosterone levels high. Working out the
large muscle groups in the legs have been show to raise
and elevate testoterone

Also, Stan, research has shown that tertosterone levels
actually increase if you workout around attractive women.
It’s true, I’m not making this stuff up!!

According to a study performed by James R. Roney, Stephen
V. Mahler, and Dario Maestripieri when men have short
encounters with attractive women, their hormone levels elevate.

Stan you can also take suppluments such as Tribulus
terrestris which have been shown to boost testosterone levels.

I hope that helps bro.!

>>> If any of you have any questions please submit your
questions here –> 
New DVD The Total
Body Workout

Recently I got an email from one young lady that said:

“Rhadi, how can you allow 200 people to purchase your DVDs for only
a dollar?

And how can  you do it with f-r-e-e shipping?  Shipping out that
many DVDs with only a maximum of 200 dollars coming in is going to put you in
the poorhouse!”

I replied:

“Yes. I know.”

But, here’s the deal.  It is my job to make sure that each and
every one of you have the cha-nce, the op-por-tunity – to be successful in the
areas in which I can help you.

When it comes to fitness and health and wellness, I just believe that
it is my job to make sure that you get the best-in-class and also
find new and innovative ways to train and also to spend more time with
your family.

The Total Body Workout was made so that you can train from home
and not even leave for the gym, unless you want to.

The same exercises will also work at the gym, but I want to give
you options.

I want you to have the option to lo-se weight, gain muscle, lo-se
f-a-t and get in great shape. 

I certainly hope that you take me up on my gratiutous and gracious

For more information about The Total Body Workout and to
get all the information that you need to be ready for
February 1st, please go here >>>
Take care,

Rhadi Ferguson, M.A.T., CSCS
2004 Olympian
World Class Strength Coach

P.S.  I will only release 200 copies of the DVDs at this low price.

Here’s How To Eat All the CARBS You Want Without Getting FAT!!

Auto Date Saturday, January 26th, 2008

With all of these crazy di-ets and we-ight loss
lies going around the one email that I get all the time is:

“Do you think I should cut all the carbs?”



You can eat broccoli, sweet potatoes,
grits, oatmeal and do just fine.

The one thing that you should cut out

Cut that out right now.

If you don’t know EXACTLY what to
eat, I’ll give you my 100% fool-proof
di~et right here–>

This will get it done. Believe me.


Get my grocery shopping “Do Not Put in
Shopping Cart” List
and never leave the
grocery store with the “wrong foods” ever again


Take care and have a blessed day,

Rhadi Ferguson, CSCS
World Class Strength Coach
2004 Olympian
4-Time National Judo Champion

Here’s a Fitness Tip That I Learned From My Son

Auto Date Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

Here’s a fitness tip that I learned from my son! 

I was watching my son on video when he was 18 months and I noticed how he picked things up off the floor.

He NEVER bent over from his back.

He always squatted with his legs to pick things up.

I began to think, “Why don’t we use our legs to pick things up anymore?”

We’ve become WEAK!!

We don’t even use the muscles in our legs and back anymore and then what happens is that we no longer can.

This is a terrible mistake.

Animals don’t make this mistake only humans.

We try to lessen our movement through computers, swivel chairs, remotes, wireless technology, drive thrus and a bunch of other stuff and it just makes us WEAK!!

We’ve become a bunch of weaklings!

Well, no more!

I’m telling you right now that you have to move more and move with more purpose.

And I know exactly where you need to start.

You need to start right here –>

And if you’ve already started there, then you need to take it to the next level right here –>

We must MOVE MORE.

When you squat down to pick something up, use your legs.

They are the biggest muscle group in your body. Use them, that’s what they are there for.

Sheesh, I think I need to watch my son more. He’s a living testament that we can all learn (or re-learn) something from anybody.

Take care and have a blessed day,

Rhadi Ferguson, CSCS
World Class Strength Coach
2004 Olympian
4-Time National Judo Champion

P.S. If you know someone else who would like to receive these emails, tell them to send an email to and put in the subject line : “Fitness Tips Now” 

…But do you think it’s right?

Auto Date Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008


I was having a conversation with this woman yesterday and I was speaking with her about her issue with obesity.

During the conversation I noticed that she had a ring on her finger and I asked her if she was married and she said yes.

I said, “Any kids?”

She said, “Yes.”

“How many”, I asked.

“Three”, she replied and then continued, “That’s when all of the weight came.”

I had to stop her immediately and I told her, “Kids don’t add weight, ma’am.
I’ve held many babies and I haven’t gained a pound from doing so.”

I could tell you right now that she was irritated.

That wasn’t my intent, but c’mon, I’m really not the guy to go to if you want to make excuses.

I do understand that people have medical conditions which cause them, in certain cases, to become overwe_ight, but hers wasn’t one of them.

I hated to ask her this, but I had to, “Do you want to be fat?”


You know the same way that you DECIDE to get the extra butter on the popcorn or to eat the cookies instead of not eating them.

Or the same way you have DECIDED to drink the regular soda because you DECIDED that you don’t “like” the way diet soda tastes.

Or you DECIDED that you don’t want to work out because it will mess up your hair (but you’re too silly to recognize that not working out will mess up your body).

Or you’ve DECIDED that you CAN do it on your own, but you just haven’t done it yet.

Whatever the case. I want you to know that you have made a DECISION. And some of you reading this have made some very poor decisions for your self in terms of your health and your wellness.

That’s okay. (well, really it’s not, but I’m trying to make sure you keep reading this).

Let Me Help You

Quite honestly, I’d like to help you or someone you know.
Listen, there is nothing wrong with exercising.

As a matter of fact, if you are a complete and utter coach potato or if you know someone who is.

Do them a favor and buy them a pair of good running shoes or walking shoes and tell them to hit the pavement.

All I’m asking for is 20 to 40 minutes a day of either walking or running.

If you are a little more advanced than that or a lot more advanced than that. Then I would urge you to get my DVD Working Out With Rhadi: The At-Home Workout.

It is a 100% Bodywei_ght Workout. You don’t need any weights, any space and you can do it with very little time.

If this where you are and what you want to do, then grab a hold of that now.

If you are the type who like to get chiseled or if you are interested in changing the way that your body looks and you want to build up some functional strength while gaining flexibility and mobility, then you really need to get my Maximum Dumbbell Training DVD.

Whatever the case. Make a decision to workout today.


Fitness is not a some body thing,
its an EVERYbody thing.

Everybody can and should workout.

You don’t have to train for the Olympics, a marathon or a 5K in order to workout.

Just workout so that you can live a healthier and more fulfilling life.

If you know of anyone that needs this
email message, please feel free to foward it to them

Take care and God Bless,

Rhadi Ferguson, CSCS
World Class Strength Coach
2004 Olympian
4-Time National Judo Champion

Serena Loses To Jankovic At Australian Open!

Auto Date Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008


Okay, I’ll admit, this isn’t a straight up strength training or fitness post but it is a post about conditioning.

I just finished watching Serena Williams lose in the quarterfinals to Jelena Jankovic and it was clearly evident that Serena was not in the same shape that she was in for last year’s Australian Open.

I think that her “play when I feel like it” schedule is hurting her and now that she’s getting older she just isn’t as “sharp” and “game ready” as the competition.

It’s cool to save your body but, nothing beats actual competition.

Competition is TRAINING

The ultimate type of functional training is competition.

I don’t care how much you train or practice, YOU CANNOT mimic the environmental  and sporting demands of real live competition. You can get VERY close, but you can’t mimic it.

Even in the armed forces, they try to use ”live” round (ammunition) to mimic real life combat situations, but nothing can mirror being in war.  Sport is similar. It was clearly evident that Serena wasn’t ready to play and she wasn’t “combat” ready, if you will.

(I’m only using an analogy, I don’t mean in any way to compare tennis or any sport to being in the military or fighting in war. This is not the intent)

You must use competition as an opportunity to better manage your anxiety, your competitive readiness and your economy of movement and strategy.

I was pretty disappointed with Serena’s performance.  I really think that she should play a little bit more, lose about 6 to 12 pounds and really get serious about training. 

I’m a huge Serena Williams fan, but I don’t think that Serena is actually a Serena Williams fan.  I don’t think that she FANatic about being the best at this particular time in her life. Her disposition this year was very different than last.

I certainly hope she’s okay emotionally and physically, but today she just didn’t seem her best.

I can’t help but point out the things that I really think she should and could work on, in my professional opinion.

Take care,

Rhadi Ferguson, CSCS
2004 Olympian
The Strength And Conditioning King

Are You A Liar?

Auto Date Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

This is a very valid question.


A while ago you made a New Year’s Resolution, remember that?

Yeah, you remember.  You promised yourself you would make more
money, get in great shape and lo_se we~ight.

Well, how much have you lost? 

Have you started those “new eating habits”?

If not, don’t feel bad. You and I have both let ourselves down
before, but here’s the difference…

Nobody came in to help you out.

Well, if you are having some problems “sticking” to your New Years
Resolution and actually ACCOMPLISHING it well here’s help.

I’m gonna help you by providing you with the workout, the di_et and
the consultation help you need.

Take ad-van-tage of this chance right now here –>

I will help you and show you just like I’ve shown numerous other of
how you can “get it off and keep it off.”

Take care,

Rhadi Ferguson (a.k.a. “The Strength and Conditioning King”)
2004 Olympian
4-Time National Judo Champion

P.S. If you have any questions about fitness, working out or
strength and conditioning, feel free to ask me here –>

I Almost Got In A Fight Yesterday >:-|

Auto Date Friday, January 18th, 2008

You Ain’t Gonna
Believe This Sh–!!

Man, I was in the grocery store yesterday and there was this little kid who was about 7 year old and he was terrorizing the public.

He was running up and down the aisle and he wasn’t minding what his mother was saying. He was opening bags of chips and eating them and taking grocery outta people’s shopping carts.

Well, I was over by the meat section and I was looking to the left and he was coming up on my right. I could see him coming in my peripheral vision, but I didn’t think he’d have the cohones to mess with my cart. This little dude grabbed by peanuts and threw them on the ground burst open the glass bottle on the floor.

Now mind you, I had on flip-flops and now I had shards of glass on and around my feet as well as peanuts everywhere.

His mother said, “Timmy!! Come here right now!”

To which I replied, “Timmy don’t you move one inch until I come back with a broom. I got a broom and handed it to him and I said, ‘Start cleaning this up right now’”

Timmy’s mom called his father, “Biig Tim, this man has little Timmy cleaning up.”

Timmy’s father came over to me and asked me, “Just what in the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Obviously, he couldn’t have been talking to me so I didn’t answer.
I said to Little Timmy, “You’re doing a good job son, you’re almost done.”


Timmy’s father pokes me on my shoulder and says, “Just what in the hell do you”

I stopped him immediately and said, “I’m going to act like you didn’t touch me and spare your life on THIS day, but what I would recommend is that you continue shopping and when your son gets done cleaning up the mess he created, I’ll send him over to you directly.”

He said, “Who do you think you are?”

I said, “My name sir is Rhadi Ferguson.”

He said, “You’re Rhadi Ferguson?”

I replied, “Yep”

He said, “2004 Olympian Rhadi Ferguson? Man, I saw you when you were cornering for Jeff Monson at the Pride Fighting Championships and when you cornered for him at UFC. I’m a big fan of yours. I didn’t notice you in the fip-flops and sweatshirt and all.”

I said, “No problem bro. But we gotta do a better job with lil’
Timmy. He can’t be running around here terrorizing the people in the grocery store.”

Big Tim said, “You’re right”.
I can tell you right now that there is only one thing that saved me from going slap off on Tim that day.

Stress Reliever

Luckily, I had just finished doing my workout and I was somewhat tired, but in a “good place” because I wasn’t stressed, I had a great endorphin release and was going to grab some chicken to put on the gas grill. Had I not worked out, I would have been in a bad mood and it could have gotten bad.

I’m a cool guy and I’m pretty smart. I know that I need to workout everyday. It’s like therapy for me.

I don’t know about you, but if you want to relieve some stress, feel great and walk around being high on life, here’s how to do it
–>  The Backyard Workout
Take care,
Rhadi Ferguson (a.k.a. “The Strength and Conditioning King”)
2004 Olympian
4-Time National Judo Champion

P.S. If you have any questions about fitness, working out or strength and conditioning, feel free to ask me here –> 

She said, “I’m just not happy” :-(

Auto Date Thursday, January 17th, 2008


I hope you’re having a great day today. If you are, you should certainly count your blessings.

A couple of days ago I had a consultation call with this young lady and we were speaking about her health and she informed me that she just doesn’t know how she got “here”.

She said that she was always skinny and slim and she was one of those people who could eat anything and not put on a pou_nd.

She said that she regretted saying stupid things like, “I’m allergic to working out” and “I do workout, I do knife and fork curls”.

Now she’s 325 pounds. That’s right THREE-TWENTY-FIVE!!

Now the jokes on her.

I damn near cried too

I felt very bad for her. She was on the phone crying and I doggone near cried too because she was telling me about how she took her little nephews to the amusement park and they kept saying, “Aunt _______, come and ride the rides with us.”

She said that she was so embarrassed because “the kids were just being innocent and doing what kids do, but they were yelling it out and everybody was looking at me and they knew the real reason why I couldn’t get on the rides.”

She continued, ‘Everytime they asked I just wanted to cry. Rhadi please help me.”

I told her that she came to the right place, but that the real question is this, “Are You Ready To Help Yourself?”

Are You Ready To Help

This is the main question that people need to ask themselves. Quite honestly I can give you every DVD, tape, CD, program and everything, but if you are ready to help yourself, there’s really nothing that I can do for you, your friends or your family.

My job with her and for you is to constantly educate you, remind you and let you know that being on a mission for fitness is something that you must stick to. I live my life for you and for others. I want to see the whole world healthy. I would love to see diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity eradicated, but I need your help.

If you are ready to get on the right path for fitness then lets get it done –> Maximum Dumbbell Training

If you want to train with some wei_ghts and get cut up then go here
Maximum Dumbbell Training

Get it for you or get
it for a friend but
whatever you do,
make sure you

Get it for you or get it for a friend. Whatever the case, get it.
We have to be on a mission.

A mission for fitness.

Take care,

Rhadi Ferguson (a.k.a. “The Strength and Conditioning King”)
2004 Olympian
4-Time National Judo Champion

P.S. If you have any questions about fitness, working out or strength and conditioning, feel free to ask me here

The 3 Best Exercises of All Time

Auto Date Friday, January 11th, 2008

The 3 Best Exercise of ALL Time

Just recently I was asked, “If you could do 3 exercises and 3 exercises only, for the rest of your life, what would they be?”

I really had to think about that one because I KNOW a lot of exercises. Heheheheheee  :-)

I mean, gheez whiz…. Only 3?

Exercise Numero Uno

Well I would have to say that on the top of my list I would put – THE SQUAT

Whether its with bodyweight or not, I would definitely say that the squat is a very important exercise.

It is a main staple in most Strength and Conditioning programs and I even utilize it and it’s variations in your F*REE DVD The BodyWeight Workout –>

I really don’t think the squat can be beat in terms of its versatility and its ease of use.

And for those that say that they can’t squat, you tell ‘em I said that that’s is BULLSUGAR!! 

Give ‘Em The Toilet Test

That’s right, the toilet test. Ask them if they can sit down on the toilet.

If they can sit down on the toilet, then dagnabit, they CAN squat!

Exercise Number 2

The Pushup. I love the pushup, more so than the bench press. And here’s why.
You get absolutely, little to no activation from the abs when you bench press, but you do get some abdominal activation and core work from maintaining the plank position in the pushup. 

It also allows you to physically and mentally develop that relationship of creating a force with the upper body through the linking of the core with the ground forces generated at the feet. It allows you to use your total body.

And to ALL of the big bench press advocates out there. I DO prescribe the bench press to my clients, but it’s not one of my top 3 exercises, that’s all. And there aren’t any tips and tricks to doing a pushup like there is with the bench press. With the pushup you have to do a pushup. Period.

If you want to experience the pushup like you never have before the get F*REE DVD The BodyWeight Workout –>

Exercise Number 3

Supermans. That’s right Supermans. For those that don’t know that this exercise is, it is when you lie on your stomach and extend your arms and legs and bring them off the ground so that the only thing that is touching is your abs. 

The reason why I chose this exercise is because, if I could only do 3 exercises for the rest of my life, the certainly need to train my back, my abs, my glutes, my hamstrings, and the muscles in my posterior chain and this is the best exercise to do that.  It is also one of the premiere exercises in The Backyard Workout –>
Closing Remarks

You will notice that these exercises can be done with or without weights. That’s why they are my favorite because they can be done everywhere and anywhere.

You can also do these three exercises without worrying about creating muscular imbalances for yourself as long as you perform them with the proper frequency.

I would highly encourage you to try these exercises and aformentioned products if  you haven’t already.  They will literally change the way that you workout.
Rhadi Ferguson (a.k.a. “The Strength And Conditioning King”)

P.S. I’m currently at the 2008 NCAA Conference. I had to speak yesterday on a panel about Sports, Education and Entrepreneurship. It was exciting, but I’m ready to go home. Last week I did a seminar with Dan Henderson in San Francisco.  I’m ready to get back to my wife and son.

P.P.S. On another note.  Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.   Make sure you get a gift for the one you love, for some of you that’s yourself  :-)   For those whom that is not the case, I’ll be having a Valentines Day Sale from January 22 to February 4th so that you can get a gift for the “one you love”,