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Maximum Dumbbell Training is Here!

Auto Date Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

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Rhadi Ferguson, M.A.T., CSCS
2004 Olympian

Here’s What I’m *NOT* supposed to say about Marion Jones

Auto Date Monday, October 8th, 2007


I think that the longest running character series on television and the big screen is Superman.

Really, I do. Just look. Superman has been in existence since 1932. I’ve seen 5 Superman movies come and go in my lifetime. Currently there is a series about Superman called Smallville. There have been spinoffs like Supergirl and comic strips and cartoons everything.


Because we LOVE SUPERhumans.

Every four years we tune in to watch the Olympic Games not so see regular people. If we want to see regular people, we’d watch a “reality tv show”. We watch sporting events like the NFL, Major League Baseball and the Olympics because we want to see people do extraordinary feats. Our human side needs to see it and believe that its possible through dedication and hard work.

We all want the opportunity to look in the USA Today at the end of the Olympics and see the United States at the top of the medal count. We expect it. Hell, we even call our country one of the SUPERpowers.

We feed into athletes chasing after homerun records, consecutive games records, and breaking speed records on the track. We cheer. Sponsor pump huge amounts of dollars into the sport and for what?

Because ratings go up and more people watch when records are broken.

Could you imagine an Olympic Games with NO World Records being broken?

Now, here’s my second question. How is it FREAKING possible for World Records to get broken EVERY single Olympics.

That is UNBELIEVEABLE, but its what we want and what we’ve come to expect.

The NFL expects it. I know because their drug policy is so weak, you can abuse a drug and be back on the playing field the same season.

MLB expect it. I know because you their drug policy allows you a couple of “mess ups” before you’re outta there.

The Olympic Committee has to expect it because they KNOW that the Olympics CANNOT EXIST without sponsorship dollars and dollars are donated to losers.
Don’t Get Me Wrong
Doing Drugs Is 100%
Incorrect, But…

What we are looking at here is the tsunami of expectations that leads toward and maintains our current pathology in sport. On a psychological level, it can be said that *WE* as consumers actually reinforce drug use in our athletes, through positive reinforcement. It can also be said that sponsors reinforce such habits by increasing the sponsorship dollars of their athletes. (I truly believe that a time will come in the future where the sponsors will ask for random blood tests and a drug compliance agreement of their athletes).

We are conditioned to see an athlete get hurt on Sunday and to believe that by some miraculous feat and act of God that he or she should be ready by the next time we turn on the TV next week.


Ladies and Gentlemen, I hate to break the news to you and to be so bold, but DRUGS are a MAJOR part of sports. I know, I know. I’m supposed to get on my blog and slap Marion Jones on the hand like everybody else and say, “Bad Marion.” But that’s already been done.  My gut feeling is that you will see more of this until *they* get the man that they are looking for and that man is Barry Bonds.

I think that people think that those who take drugs just sit down on the coach and relax while everyone else is working out hard. 

Such is not the case. The people who use drugs, use them so that they can train harder and longer. They are far from lazy and far from being shortcutters. The truth is this, there are some levels of athletic achievement that cannot be reached drug free by certain individuals.  I cannot say that Flo-Jo (Florence Griffith-Joyner) was on drugs, that would be libelous and slanderous, but I can say that I do not think that her record will be broken by a drug free runner (at least not in my lifetime).

Marion Jones Is
Still A Hero

I was just at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs this past weekend and of course Marion Jones was a big topic of discussion.  Her picture is everywhere you look. It in murals, paintings, photos of the Games, in the Olympic Training Center’s vistor lounge, its everywhere. And I believe that she’s still a hero.

For some people she will go down in history as a “Cheat”. But if you loved her when she was running 10.8 in the 100 meter dash, then you should love her now.  She is still Marion Jones. She’s just been exposed for some very bad decisions that she made in her life. Many kids and fans have said that the reason that they look up to Marion is because she’s “A great example of hard work, perseverance and she just a pleasant young lady to be around.”

Well, she still is. She hasn’t changed. As a matter of fact, her ability to put herself in the public eye and admit wrong doing speaks volumes as well. Ben Johnson never admitted that he used drugs, he just got busted.  The only thing that has changed about Marion Jones is your perception – and that was and is now shaped by the media.

I for one am not going to let the media reshape my opinion of Marion Jones because as a very close source in the track and field community told me in a conversation that we had recently, “Ferg, it is a fair playing field. It’s fair because everyone is doing it.”

Let’s Get This

I DO NOT condone drug use nor support it. I do believe that Marion Jones operated outside of the spirit of fairplay and the spirit of sport and the spirit of the Olympic Games. I do believe that she should be punished for lying to a federal grand jury, and I do not think that using drugs is the way to achieve great athletic feats.

Personally, I believe that if I used steroids, I would have been a phenomenal athlete. The drugs along with my current abilities would have certainly put me in someone’s Hall of Fame, but I’m able to be satisfied with my career in sport as it was. People are different, people make mistakes and I for one believe in second chances, forgiveness and understanding. I DO NOT believe in the abdication of responsibility.

I believe that Marion Jones SHOULD be responsible for her behavior. But I also want you to know that, (un)fortunately, Marion Jones got caught – some of your other heroes, have just been lucky.

One To Think On

Do you realize that there is really no differnce between running and swimming? Both sports are man vs. time. But the media focuses on track and field and not swimming. Swimmers are doing the same things that the runners are doing, but nobody chases after the swimmers. One trackster told me why she believed that was the case. I’ll let you ponder about that one  ;-)

Here are the facts!
o The media’s lavish attention to sporting hero’s, elevating them to celebrity status, has not been without its trickle down effect. The win at any cost mentality is now prevalent at the high school level and beyond. The annual “Monitoring the Future” survey conducted by the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research suggest that the use of steroids among high school students increased throughout the 1990’s before dropping slightly in 2003 (University of Michigan, Monitoring the Future – 2004 Drug Trends).

It should be noted that the slight drop was evidenced in eight and tenth grades only with a marked increase in steroid use among twelfth graders. The study further stated that 45% of 12th graders did not believe that steroid use posed a serious health risk. A Newsweek analysis of the 2003 data suggests that over 300,000 high school students have used anabolic steroids (

o Addressing the efficacy of steroids to elevate athletic performance, physician Michel Karsten, who claims to have prescribed steroids to hundreds of world class athletes, has stated “There may be some sportsmen who can win gold medals without taking drugs, but they are very few.

If you are especially gifted, you may win once, but from my experience you can’t continue to win without drugs, the field is just too filled with drug users”.
o Marion Jones, made a terrible mistake and I feel absolutely terrible for the young ladies who will now lose their Olympic Gold and Bronze Medals for the 4x400m relay and 4x100m relay in Sydney. They WERE Olympic Medalists and now they aren’t. To read more about this sad and shocking fact go here –>

In Closing

Cheating is cheating. If there are rules, they must be followed.

The saddest part about this situation is not that of Jones, but that of her teammates. Some of them have hinged their careers, sponsorship dollars, and speaking engagements around the fact that they are Olympic Medalists and now it isn’t so.

The benefit of this whole ordeal is that now parents, coaches, and mentors will be able to address the “ugly” side of sport. And also show that you can be in the middle of the Olympic Stadium one day receiving all the glory and be on MSNBC and CNN 7 years later receiving all of the pain.

It’s definitely a sad day for track and field. They can’t seem to have a year without a drug scandal.

On the other hand, I’m really looking forward to this year’s Olympic Games  :-)

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Stuck in a workout plateau and need a boost? Maybe Your Answer is in Nutrient Timing

Auto Date Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

The Strength and
Conditioning King:
Rhadi Ferguson, M.A.T., CSCS

The King’s Court Vol 1 Issue 18

In this issue

o Introduction: The Best Training Device I’ve Used To Date!!

o Featured Article: The Low Down On Nutrient Timing

o Ask The Strength and Conditioning King: “I would like to improve my squat. Right now I can do 425 lbs but I really would like to squat 500lbs by the middle of next year. What do you suggest?”

o Maximum Dumbbell Training will be here on October 16th – Here’s What People Are Saying….
Introduction: The
Best Training Device
I’ve used… To date!

The ABSOLUTE best training device that I’ve purchased to date is the Garmin Personal GPS system. This doggone thing is AWESOME!!!! It measures your heart rate, it logs your mileage, calculates the calories burned, it logs where you’ve been and tells you your pace. It does more, but the best thing is this…

When you’re finished running, you hook it up to your computer and it downloads your workout and gives you charts, graphs, worksheets and all kinds of stuff. It tells you how far you’ve gone, it lets you know your time per mile, and your heart rate during EACH point during your run.

It does so much that I can’t really explain everything because I just started using mine a couple of weeks ago when I started training for my marathon. But it is PHENOMENAL. It doesn’t matter if your run long distance or sprint, it is absolutely fabulous!!!

The model that I have is the Garmin 305. I’ve already instructed one of my Olympian clients to get one so that he can export his sprint times and send them to me. That way and can monitor how many calories he burned and make sure the runs are done on the right day, at the right time. It is absolutely worth its weight in Gold!!

Featured Article:
The Low Down On Nutrient

The Low Down on Nutrient Timing…

When it comes to nutrition – it seems that everyone is an “expert.” Eat carbs, don’t eat carbs. To supplement, or not to supplement? In every nutritional camp there is a host of Do’s and Don’ts, foods you can eat and foods you should avoid like the plague. There are success stories, self-appointed gurus, and millions of dollars spent promoting and marketing the latest products and programs.

Without a degree in diet and nutrition, trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t can be a quest that wastes a whole lot of time and even more money!

But with so much attention focused on what and how much athletes need to eat, a crucial component in the equation has been, for the most part, totally neglected. The missing element in the quest for optimal nutrition is time and the science that’s promoting it is known as nutrient timing.

While the past few years have seen a surge in interest about post-event nutrition among bodybuilders and performance athletes, the potential influence and significance of nutrient timing still manages to somehow elude the general public. Even inside the athletic community, there’s huge room for awareness and improvement – especially among martial artists and other combat athletes.

If you’re stuck on a performance plateau and looking for a simple solution that won’t cost a fortune, won’t require you to up heave your lifestyle, while aiding in your recover and promoting muscular growth, then nutrient timing may be just what the doctor ordered.

Nutrient Timing: What it Is and How it Works…
To put it in a nutshell, nutrient timing is simply being mindful of when to eat in light of three major checkpoints:

• Pre-exercise
• During exercise, and
• Post-exercise

A successfully implemented nutrient timing program will incorporate four objectives:

1. Supporting optimal performance during training sessions
2. Providing all nutritional components necessary for muscle growth
3. Exploiting post-exercise glycogen replenishment to the max and
4. Following a dietary regimen that promotes growth, recovery and repair 24/7

However, in order to put those objectives into place, you have to first understand the three distinct phases your body goes through over the course of a training day.

The 3 Phases of Training Day
When you workout or train, your day can be broken down into three distinct stages: the energy phase, the anabolic phase and the growth phase…

Phase 1: The Energy Phase
Nutrient timing works as a cycle. This cycle begins with the workout – what we refer to as the energy phase. When you’re training, your body has specific energy demands in order to achieve muscle contraction.

The fuel source your body burns best is glucose, which is derived from either glycogen (stored in the liver or muscles) or blood glucose.

The amount of glucose your body needs increases directly with the intensity of your training.

As your glucose levels are depleted, the time it takes to reach fatigue is decreased. Neglecting your glucose intake before working out is the equivalent of expecting a quarter of a tank of gas to last the length of a three hundred mile journey – it’s just not going to work!

According to the authors of Nutrient Timing, ingesting carbohydrates (foods with a high glycemic index are best) will help to increase muscular glucose uptake and at the same time, it will increase muscle glycogen synthesis.

Exactly how much carbohydrate intake is needed is still up for grabs. However, one Dr. Murray headed a research study that tested the impact carbohydrates had on athletes engaging in intermittent cycling, using carbohydrate beverages. The findings had a two-fold impact:

1. After review, it was determined that the TYPE of carbohydrate beverage given didn’t matter, and
2. As little as 16g of carbohydrates sipped over an hour produced performance improvements AND higher plasma glucose levels.

During the energy phase, protein intake can also be advantageous – especially when paired with carbs. Dr. John Ivy, co-author of Nutrient Timing, decided to investigate how carb/protein supplementation would affect endurance activity performance. The findings showed that carb/protein supplementation outperformed carb administration alone.

Unfortunately, the results, while promising, only go to deepen the mystery. These performance differences couldn’t be explained away by individual variation in insulin levels. As it sits, researchers are STILL unsure what specific influence protein had on the boosted activity. Because of this, hoping for a widespread recommendation to mix protein with carbs DURING your workout probably won’t be entering the scene any time soon – despite the fact that it’s already shown that it can get results.

Phase 2: The Anabolic Phase
In simple terms, your body’s anabolic phase is basically just a brief window of opportunity (pinned down to the forty-five minutes after training or competition is complete and NO MORE than 2 hours later). For this brief span of time, your body is working hard to replete itself.

Six important things are going on behind the scenes during the anabolic stage:

1. The body begins shifting from catabolism (the “breaking down” metabolic phase”) to anabolism (the “construction” metabolic phase)
2. Muscle blood flow is enhanced
3. Glycogen stores are replenished
4. Tissue begins to grow and repair
5. Muscle damage is reduced
6. The immune system is bolstered

Of course, this only works if your body is able to meet these demands with the right nutrients at the right time.

Once your workout is complete, your body is primed up to get your glycogen stores back to pre-exercise levels. Additionally, protein synthesis and repair are needed. While this is going on, insulin sensitivity is boosted.

Many athletes argue that they just can’t eat after exercise. I call bull shite! As few as 100 calories (including fats, carbs and proteins) is all it takes to milk your anabolic phase for everything its worth. And you’ve really only got about 45 minutes (less than 5% of your day) to get it done!

While carbs alone are enough to increase the stores (and rates of storage) of glycogen, if you want to replenish your muscle’s glycogen stores faster, you’ve got to integrate protein as well.

Another group of researchers (headed by Dr. Levenhagen) asserts that by combining protein and carbs (the earlier the better) not only will you help replenish your muscle glycogen, but enhance your whole-body and leg protein accrual as well!

Yet another research team (this time headed by Dr. Van Loon) found that by supplementing carbs with wheat hydrolysate and free leucine and phenylalanine they were able to boost the body’s insulin response 88% better than carbs alone. They found that, for the BEST results, athletes should ingest this mixture in two-hour intervals, after training is complete – starting immediately. While the jury is still out as to EXACTLY how long these benefits persist, one Dr. Richter (yet another researcher) found them in evidence more than four hours down the line.

Of course, restocking your glycogen stores isn’t the only objective of the anabolic phase. Muscle growth and repair are also key components. Researcher Dr. Chandler headed a team that studied experienced weight lifters broken down into three different groups:

• Those drinking water
• Those drinking a carbohydrate supplement
• Or those drinking a carb/protein supplement

When the study was over and the results reviewed, the team testing the carb and protein mix not only produced more insulin, but their growth hormone levels were boosted as well, creating a primed environment for growth. They also found that protein supplementation (when done immediately after your routine) also encouraged greater muscle hypertrophy.

Which takes us into the third phase…

Phase 3: The Growth Phase
Phase 2 paved the way for Phase 3, the growth phase. It covers the rest of your day after the immediate period following your workout routine.

The first part of the growth phase occurs while your body is still in post-exercise mode.

Because glycogen replenishment is still underway, part of Phase 3’s goal is to exploit this process for as long as humanly possible. However, there are additional goals as well: enhancing protein synthesis and muscle growth (hence the name, “growth phase).

A team of researchers headed by Dr. MacDougall, found that during the first four hours after exercise, protein synthesis increased by 50% (following resistance training). At the 24 hour period, that percentage has increased to 109%. By the 36 hour mark, protein synthesis has fallen back down to baseline levels.

Further evidence seems to support that by consuming a carb/protein mix PRIOR to exercise, you can work to enhance post-exercise protein synthesis as well.

By understanding what’s going on during each of these three phases, you’ll understand the importance not only of what and how you’re eating, but when you’re eating as well.

Since we’ve talked a lot about carb and protein supplementation before, during and after exercise, I figured we’d wind up this article with a quick peek at several pre- and post-exercise snack ideas that can give you a practical edge…

• An energy bar with an eight ounce sports drink
• Two slices of whole grain toast with two tablespoons of peanut butter
• An orange paired with ½ c. of low-fat cottage cheese
• 1 c. of oatmeal (cooked) with ¼ c. of raisins
• ¼ c. of granola mixed with 1 c. of yogurt
• 2 egg omelet (containing 1 c. of fresh vegetables) and 1 whole wheat English muffin
• 1 ounce of pretzels and 1 stick of string cheese
• 1 medium apple paired with ¼ c. of nuts
• ½ of a whole wheat bagel and a hard-boiled egg
• 1 whole wheat pita and ½ c. canned tuna
• 1 banana and ¼ c. of soy nuts
• 1 c. orange juice and ¼ c. of sunflower seeds
• 3 ounces of chicken breast (boiled or grilled) with 1 c. cooked white rice

Nutrient timing isn’t that complicated. In fact, it’s just simple enough that you can actually make it work, and achieve rapid, measurable results!

Bon Appetite!


Ask The Strength and
Conditioning King:
“Dear King: “I would
like to improve my squat.
Right now I can do 425 lbs
but I really would like
to squat 500lbs by the
middle of next year.
What do you suggest?”

First of all thanks so much for your question. To be completely honest with you, I’m kinda shooting in the dark here in terms of answering your question as specifically as possible because I’m not sure what you are doing currently, but here are my recommendations as someone who has been over the 500lb mark on a couple of occasions.

First of all, make sure that you have some good shoes. I would suggest that you buy some lifting shoes or invest in some Chuck Taylors.

Secondly, some of the best advice around for increasing your squat and bench can be found at the Westside Barbell Website. I don’t use much of their stuff, but I can tell you this. If you are looking for big numbers in the squat, those guys over there are the experts. My forte is sports specific training and functional training.

Thirdly, to answer your question, I would really concentrate on these four things:

1. The Lower Back. Make sure that you are deadlifting, performing good morning and weighted hypers
2. Really focus on the the development of your quadriceps. I would recommend throwing some single leg squats or sissy squats in your program.
3. Remember that squatting is basically a quadricep and glute dominant exercise and that the hamstrings are really only activated a great deal on the decent phase.
4. Find out if you want to complete a high bar or a low bar squat and then govern yourself accordingly

If you focus in on strengthening your lower back and your quads, you’ll be up there in the 500 range in no time. Just make sure that you are following a good structured and well periodized program. If you need some help with programming, by all means send me an email at   Take care and good luck.
Maximum Dumbbell
Training will be
here on October 16th
- Here’s What People
Are Saying….


My New DVD and Book Maximum Dumbbell Training will be here on the 16th of October.

I truly believe that you will love this product.

But I don’t want you to hear if from me. I want you to hear it from some of the
customers that purchased Maximum Dumbbell Training when I offered it to some of
my previous customers to make sure that it was going to be tailor made just for

Rhadi’s “Maximum Dumbbell” DVD and manual are tremendous…

Rhadi’s “Maximum Dumbbell” DVD and manual are tremendous. First, it is amazing the variety of functional, multi-planar exercises that Rhadi demonstrates with only dumbbells. In addition, Rhadi has organized 10 circuits with 8 exercises in each circuit. Each circuit is a total body workout. I would highly recommend Rhadi’s “Maximum Dumbbell” to athletes or anyone trying to get in shape.

Dr. Daniel Rinchuse

Even though I consider myself a better than average Personal Trainer with a much better than average training library, I have found the material in Rhadi’s “Maximum Dumbbell” to be Great. This program has it All: Strength, Power, Flexibility & Endurance Training. BTW, “Great” is a word Personal Trainers use when they really mean: I wish I had thought of that myself!”

Gary Giamboi
6th Degree Black Belt

I have been doing The Maximum Dumbbell excercises for about 2 weeks now and my flexibility as well as my stamina or (gas) as we like to call it in Hawaii has greatly been improved. Even my wife has started doing the workouts with me, I’ve even told my friends about your website and hopefully they’ve taken advantage of your products as well! Thanx alot!

Brandon Tanaka

Thank you for creating such a FANTASTIC product! I have been doing the Maximum Dumbbell circuits and all 10 of them are great. I love the way this program is broken down. Another great product by the master Rhadi Ferguson!

David Barnes

Great course! It is applicable to beginners and advanced alike. Dumbbells are easily accessible to all. The course is detailed, challenging, and progressive. 2-3 days of effective strength training will challenge the sedantary and athleletic alike.

Cesar Chaparro

I bought your product in order to ensure I can get a great workout while deployed to Iraq over the next year or so. Ill be out of judo for that time, in body, but not in mind or spirit, and I know your dumbbell workout will be what I need to stay in shape for future success. Last time I was there my Marines and I lifted train parts and gears to stay in shape, but this time I will at least have dumbbells!! Thanks Rhadi.

Tim Muenkel
Capt, USMC

The Max Dumbell Training course is exellent. I have been working out, training in Martial arts and now just general fitness for more than 25years. I am like a lot of people very busy and it’s difficult to find a system of working out that is so complete. Thank you for your no nonsense approach.

Eamonn Lumley
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