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The Single Leg Squat versus The Barbell Squat

Auto Date Thursday, September 13th, 2007

The Strength and
Conditioning King:
Rhadi Ferguson, M.A.T., CSCS
The King’s Court Vol 1 Issue

In this issue

o Introduction: The Nasty
Email That I Received
o Feature Article:
The Single Leg Squat
o Ask The Strength and
Conditioning King:
“Dear Strength and conditioning King: In your opionion, what’s the biggest strength and conditioning problem in the world today?”

Introduction: Got
a Nasty Email yesterday

I was going through my inbox this morning with my cup of coffee in hand. Deleting the trash, flagging the important emails while reading what I can. Then I saw this subject line: “I’ve Got a Nasty email for you”. So I read it.

And basically it was an email from someone who I didn’t even know who was pissed off at me because he ran his bicycle into a park bench and bent up him frame and ruined his front tire.

He told me that I “owed him” for the damage.

Now, I’m thinking to myself, “What in the hell is this dude talking about.”

Never the less, I kept reading.

Come to find out. This guy was riding his bike on the sidewalk and this nice looking lady was pumping gas at the gas stop and he was undressing her with his eyes.

And he took his eyes off the sidewalk and was looking at her and ran STRAIGHT into a park bench. When he hit the ground, the lady who he was looking at stopped her pumped and ran over to see if he was okay.

Everyone was laughing hysterically per his account. And luckily he didn’t get hurt.

All he could say when the lady came over to help him was, “Damn, you are one of the prettiest women that I’ve ever seen and I could take my eyes off your legs.”

To which she replied (and this is what is so frickin cool and why I got this email), “My girlfriends and I all meet up in the evening afterwork and do this bodyweight workout with this guy named Rhadi.   :-)

I don’t know him but one of my girlfriend saw the video online and said, what the heck. So we’ve been doing it and my legs and butt are looking great.” The guy replied, “Obviously. I took a pretty nasty fall there because of Rhadi then, huh?

On to my reply

I’m not sure if I should be happy or if I should be scared.

Although this guy’s email had a sorta comedic tone to it, he still seemed kinda pissed.

So here was my reply:

“Sir, I’m sorry for your misfortune and about your bike. I’m glad that you didn’t get hurt and that you had an opportunity to SEE some of my work firsthand.

What I would recommend is that you buy one of my DVDs and then get on and form a workout group and invite all of the females in the area that you know.That way, you won’t have to damn near kill yourself in order to see some of the hottest legs in your life :-) Take care.”


Now I’ve received a lot of emails in my day. And a lot of testimonials, but none like this. If you are interested in getting in some great shape at your pace and firming up those areas that need firming then get your hands on The Working Out With Rhadi DVD at


No Time, No Space, No Equipment, No PROBLEM!!Take it easy

Feature Article:
The Single Leg Squat:
Master It and Enjoy
Newfound Levels of Strength

The Single Leg Squat: Master It and Enjoy Newfound Levels of Strength Have you always thought that barbell squats were the ONLY way to attain massively muscular legs?

While they are a major staple of just about any lower body workout, barbell squats aren’t your only alternative if

you’re looking for powerful:

- Quads
- Hamstrings
- Glutes
- Adductors
- Abductors
- And, to some degree, erectors

It’s a move that, for the most part, has been largely overlooked in traditional strength and conditioning programs, but offers three nice benefits over and above strength gains:

- Enhanced speed
- Greater balance and
- A decreased risk of injury

It’s known as the single leg squat (or the “pistol” and it’s nowhere near as simple as it sounds.

As functional training continues to cover new grounds, strength training is following suit. Double leg exercises are being supplemented with a single leg focus because MOST sporting skills running, jumping, throwing, etc.) are performed on one leg at the time.

Athletes that begin single leg squat training will soon see a marked improvement in strength and stability. Not only do pistols hone your balance more than any other leg exercise out there, by introducing an unstable “environment” into the exercise, more muscles will be recruited to perform the task successfully.

However, it’s only fair to warn you ahead of time: it’s very unlikely that you’ll master the single leg squat in a WEEK, much less overnight.

FACE OFF: The Barbell
Squat vs. The Single
Leg Squat…

A fellow Champ I know shared this story with me, and I’m sure you’ll appreciate it.

Once he mastered the mechanics of the single leg squat, he incorporated it into his gym workout. Never one to waste an opportunity to show off a bit, he attracted the attention of a seasoned strength trainer who’d just finished six reps with just shy of 500 pounds loaded for his barbell squat. Apparently, he’d heard about pistols, but he’d never had the chance to learn to properly execute one.

Once he’d gotten the hang of the exercise (they did the weighted bench-assisted single leg squat) he wanted to give it a go with dumbbells in tow. My buddy had a hard time convincing him to only use 50 pounds of weight, but it was a good thing he did – the poor guy’s ego would probably have been bruised otherwise.

To make a long story short, the same guy who could do 6 five hundred pound reps with the barbell squat could barely sweat out 8 reps with fifty pounds on his right leg and gave out after only six with his left!

Even once you’ve gotten the hang of the mechanics, the exercise is STILL tough. But for some of you, the best bet is to stick to a course of steady, incremental progression.

While a few of you may be able to fly right through to perfect form and execution, here’s a plan for everyone else…

Step 1: The Split Squat

Set yourself up as though you were going to perform a long lunge, with your hands on your head for balance. Your goal now is to execute the lunge so that your back knee touches the floor and your front knee is aligned above the ankle. You should practice this on each leg until you have attained natural balance and skill.

Step 2: The Lunge

The lunge begins with you standing upright, with both feel together (and again, your hands on your head.) Now, take a long step with one leg, touching the back knee to the floor with your front knee over the ankle. Now, push off with your lead leg, return to your starting stance and repeat the exercise with the opposite leg leading for as long as it takes to truly get the hang of it.

Step 3: Single Leg Bench Squat

Once you’ve managed to Master the lunge without falling down, you’re ready for the single leg bench squat.

You’ll start out much like you did for the split squat (with yourself already in position to lunge, not with feet together), except this time, you’ll rest your back foot on a weight bench behind you. From this position, shift your body forward so that your front thigh is parallel to the floor.

There should be no other movement, and with time, you’ll increase the flexibility of your hip flexors and increase your full range of motion.

Step 4: The Single Leg Squat

The perfect “pistol” is accomplished when you’re able to stand on one leg, with your other leg held out straight in front of you, and your hands out at your sides for balance.

Now, act as though you’re sitting back and down, like you were trying to “sit” in a very low chair. At the bottom of the exercise, your supporting foot will be flat on the floor and your glutes and hamstrings will be resting on your calf.

However, to successfully complete a full rep, you have to be able to “stand up” (one leg only) into your original position. You should also be able to perform the exercise on EITHER leg!

It may take weeks, perhaps even months, to truly master the single leg squat. However, once you master the mechanics, you’ll be able to add in weights and really take your lower body workouts to the next level!

Whatever you do, DON’T GIVE UP! Pulling this exercise off successfully is a surefire way to help elevate you to full-fledged Champ status. It probably won’t hurt that all of the hotties won’t be able to keep their eyes off your legs, either…

Ask The Strength
and Conditioning King

Ask The Strength and Conditioning King:

Question:”Dear Strength and conditioning King:
In your opionion, what’s the biggest
strength and conditioning problem in the world today?”


Thanks for your question. The answer to that question is really simply, the fix, now that that’s the hard part.

The number one issue has to be one of time management. I was recently talking to Lloyd Irvin, who was my first Brazilian Jiujitsu Coach and who is a good friend a mine and he was asking me about some of the preparatory things that he should do for UFC fighter Brandon Vera’s upcoming training camp.

I mentioned a couple of things to him but we spent the bulk of our time on strategic planning and organization management. And what we were organizing was the training schedule based upon the time that we (or I should say he) had available. We had to look at striking and where that fit in, then grappling and where that fit in, then conditioning, and then hard days as opposed to light days, light intensity and medium intensity, days off, technical work, recovery, film study and then of course eating and supplementation.

I know from working with Jeff Monson and other fighters and fight camps that putting together a training camp is no easy task.

And even if you aren’t a fighter, managing home, spouse duties, date nights, time with the kids, taking care of pets, volunteer work, church, hobbies, and exercise is tough. And somewhere in the mix exercise seems to take a back seat.

That is if you don’t appropriately plan for it.

So that is really the biggest problem in strength and conditioning and fitness.

Most people would be better off is they just did SOMETHING. The problem is they get so bogged down with life that they end up doing nothing and just fighting to get some rest to do it all over again tomorrow.

Managing your time better will certainly help you out. This is the main reason why I created my Working Out With Rhadi DVD ( Because I want people to see that getting in shape is not about a gym, fancy equipment, the latest and greates machines, etc.,. It ain’t about none of that.

IT IS about taking out the time (15 to 30 minutes) to workout and get in shape. So I just wanted to show people who easy and quick you can drop a cool 15 to 40 pounds in a couple of weeks. My workout gives people a great opportunity to save time, stay at home, workout, spend more time on the things they like to do and to be productive.I hope that helps. Take care and thanks for your question.=======
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